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A viewer asks: “I have always been a car guy with owning a few classics, etc. And with praying for protection for loved ones and my intuition to be strengthened, I have had a couple instances recently that lead me to believe the Divine is using my car to warn me of things. I was at the gym recently and met a guy who was training another young adult related to basketball. My 16-year-old daughter plays for her high school basketball team so I thought of having this guy do a few training sessions with my daughter. He knew her high school’s coach for the boys’ team so I felt there was a good and safe connection. Right after meeting him and exchanging numbers, I called my daughter to discuss. As I started driving away from the gym, while I was still talking to my daughter, my car started overheating and the temperature gauge went straight to hot, so I pulled over. I got off the phone and tried to check for leaks, etc., but found none. After letting it cool, I filled the overflow with new antifreeze and haven’t had a problem since. Never had an overheating problem before. That night I strongly felt this was a warning to not go forward with this guy to train my daughter, and let him know the next morning she would not be able to fit in any sessions with her busy summer schedule. Was this event with my car overheating a warning to stay away from this guy I met briefly?” What can Creator tell us?
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