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A viewer describes a lucid dream: “‘God, Creator of the Universe and All That Is, I intend on staying lucid while I dream tonight, so I’m going to need your focus. Keep me safe and protect me while we’re “out there.” Together, we can learn how to heighten or how to connect the light filaments in me with the light filaments around me – filaments of energy. I want to understand how it works. Show me now. Thanks. Okay, let’s do this.’ As I slip into the sleep state, I stay conscious – aware of my physical body and also aware that I am simultaneously in an additional environment that feels as solid as waking life. I make sure of this by pounding my hand on a solid object – yup – feels just like regular life, except the “texture” of the environment is different – lighter – no gravity. The space around me feels fluid. Distance is a concept you can entertain if you wish. Sound: there is no typical echo of sounds bouncing off walls, no sounds traveling in the distance. All communication is telepathic even though it still feels like we are speaking, facial gestures remain. I have a friend with me at all times, always standing to my right. My friend takes me to multiple homes to meet new friends. All the homes are palatial estates and the owners or inhabitants are honorable, good, helpful souls, I recognize this. I feel at home here. The energy is high, like when you’re super excited about something really great happening.” Who was this friend who accompanied her, and where were these palatial estates?
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A practitioner writes: “For the last month or so, maybe a little more I am so keenly aware that we’re all walking around in this beautiful-symphony-membrane of energy field that connects all of us to everything everywhere – I just can’t ignore it anymore. Maybe I’ll learn how to enhance my LHP practice by giving my perceptions acknowledgment. I said in an earlier email that I felt like the different realities were like photographic slides one behind the other, behind the other, but that is incorrect. Embedded within one another, interlinked, connected, and I don’t think we really “go” anywhere. It’s our shift in consciousness that changes “location,” but even the word location does not suffice. The irony: we are swimming in, drenched in, surrounded by, living and breathing, listening and responding to everything else – the very thing everyone is looking for – God – a consciousness field that’s alive and knows each one of us intimately, everything, every little secret, everything we’ve ever done, thought, said, felt, wanted. Empty air, space, outer space – is not possible. I’m seeing and feeling this “field” more and more and more every day. I pretend I don’t notice because people around me will think I’m crazy, so I don’t say anything. But perhaps I’m doing a disservice by remaining quiet?” What is she experiencing and sensing and what is its significance?
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