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A viewer writes: “One morning whilst I was waking up, I felt something sitting on my chest. I have a cat who sleeps with me, and actually likes to sleep on top of me so, in my still mostly asleep state I just thought it was my cat and started cuddling it, as I normally do, since I absolutely adore my little friend with four legs. As I was cuddling it, I started noticing something was not right. The skin I was stroking was hairless, and the ears were pointed and rigid, not as soft as those of my cat. It suddenly dawned on me: “This is not my cat!” and in a still partially asleep state I opened my eyes and, thanks to some light filtering through my bedroom’s window, I managed to catch a glimpse of an either black, or very dark, small creature, sitting on my chest. It had pointed ears and looked similar to the Gargoyles, the demonic figures which are a common decoration in Gothic cathedrals, and as I was suddenly waking up, I saw it physically dematerializing in front of my eyes. I assume this effect was caused by it staying in the astral plane, where I was, too, when asleep, whilst I came back to this one, and this created the perception of it dematerializing in front of me. BUT, the most interesting part of the story is that, whilst I was still in my mostly asleep state, there was a connection at an emotional level between me and this creature, probably because it was connected to my heart’s chakra, I could feel his emotions! And I felt that, as it was receiving love from me, it had a very sudden and very brief WOW moment, as in an incredibly pleasant and unexpected surprise, and then it went into a total state of mental confusion. It could not handle love. Receiving love, although in a completely accidental and unintentional way, as I assumed I was cuddling my cat, sent this creature into a total state of mental confusion that it didn’t know how to handle. I could briefly feel it, just before waking up and losing that connection. I do not know if this was a routine demonic visit intended to drain energy out of humans, or if I was being specifically targeted for some reason, but it definitely didn’t go as planned for this creature.” What is Creator’s interpretation of what he experienced, and its meaning?
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