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Do light beings date and have relationships, and marriages?
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A client writes: “My wife had accelerated out of a traffic light on a high speed (50mph) 4 lane congested road with rush hour traffic and had accelerated up to 45mph when the car in front of her began stopping QUICKLY. She hit the brakes, AND THERE WERE NONE! There was an unknown brake fluid leak at the right front caliper, and the reservoir was empty. The pedal went to the floor, and there were NO BRAKES. She managed to swerve between two cars approaching a three to two lane reduction and then managed to swerve again into a right-hand turn lane to a movie theater – both swerves avoided a catastrophic collision. There was a car in front of her in the turn lane which she hit, but she was only going about 5 mph when the collision occurred. She put a nice dent in the minivan she struck, but virtually no damage to the vehicle she was driving. Firemen confirmed that there was a catastrophic brake fluid leak, and she was not cited by the police. She swears, she thinks the car was “miraculously” slowed. She doesn’t know how she maneuvered into the right turn lane successfully without hitting anyone on the way there. She’s certain there was an “angel” involved because she literally cannot conceive of another explanation for how even the car escaped undamaged. I have said multiple prayers that not only she and the girls be safe when in the vehicle, but that Creator ensure that the vehicle itself is protected from harm since we cannot afford a replacement right now.” What really happened here?
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What caused the accident?
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