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A client asks: “Whilst my current job ‘pays the bills’ and in some instances gifts me the opportunity to be of help to others which I’m very grateful for, I think that in many ways it is preventing me from developing my spirituality and intuitive skills because I feel so incredibly stressed due to the negative and toxic working environment. I have just recently re-read Creator’s comment (shared during a channeling session with Karl) which seems to support my concerns … “If you work from the heart and through love and desire to spread love to others, you are in alignment. You will find that easier to do if you have financial support in order to devote your time to the enterprise. If you must make a living through conventional means, you will have very little time to be a helper or a healer in a true dedicated sense. This is a full-time demand to become proficient and to do so with skill. You may be able to do this on a part-time basis, but it is difficult and your reach will be quite limited as well.” So, I’m not sure if I should stay in my current role in order to try to toughen up and ‘rise above’ this negativity (and be ‘safe’ with regard to maintaining an income) OR whether I should take the risk and resign and see where the future may lead me so that I can dedicate myself (somehow) to developing intuitive and healing skills and being of service. I feel that I very much want to become a healer, the best I can possibly be, and hopefully even derive a basic income while doing so, but I don’t know if I’m capable of this OR if this is part of my life plan and whether this is how I can be of best service to the Divine. Can Creator please offer any advice and clear direction in relation to this?”
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