Thanks to Linda Blair’s unforgettable performance as a little girl possessed by a nasty demon, no one in the world can say they don’t know what an exorcism is. But the point here is that people already knew what it was. Sure, Hollywood movies such as The Conjuring and The Rite tell us how exorcisms in Christianity work, but it isn’t the same everywhere else.

Holy water splashing, crucifixes flashing, and demon bashing isn’t the standard exorcism protocol around the world.

There are others.


We’ll start with the easiest one. In a Christian exorcism, a priest has to be approved by the Vatican in order to be able to go ahead with the ritual. The ritual consists of an invocation—usually to God and Jesus Christ, and at times to archangels, who intervene with the ritual to help make it more successful.

A possessed person isn’t considered evil per se—it is generally and genuinely accepted that the person is being controlled by a spirit. However, there are verses in the Bible that explain how a mortal can also sometimes submit to a demonic entity out of their own will. Judas is an example.


a djinn

Islam, by virtue of being an Abrahamic religion like Christianity, has many similarities when it comes to exorcism. Verses from the Quran, just like verses from the Bible, are read during the ritual, which is itself performed by a high priest. At times, even the call to prayer is sufficient to pull out the demonic forces. Another similarity between the two Abrahamic religion rituals is the use of holy water—Muslims use water from a well in a holy city in Saudi Arab for the purpose.


The third, lesser-spread cousin of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism has exorcism rituals that consist of a group of men reciting holy verses and blowing a horn. It appears that the horn is their equivalent for holy water, as is used by the two aforementioned religions.


Hinduism, one of the most exoticized and romanticized religions in the world, has a quite colourful exorcism ritual. A high priest uses verses from various holy books for the purpose, and charms are often used as a deterrent.

Other Places

In places where mainstream religions haven’t spread, exorcism is as real as it is in the rest of the world. The Greeks and Turks have their evil eyes, Africans have witchcraft, and many countries in the world have shamans for the job. The Russians even have anti-Putin shamans. In many parts of the world, amulets are still seen as things that can keep foul spirits away.

Are Demons Universal?

a demon

Pretty much, yes. If every culture from the Americas to the many tribes in Africa are dealing with invisible forces that assume control of a mortal—then this is very much a global menace. One of the things that we humans, therefore, are doing wrong, is not fighting them as a unit. Our problem is that we are so divided along cultural, religious, and racial lines that we cannot see the plainly obvious: invisible powers are taking over our kind around the world, but we think these are isolated occurrences.

The Similarities

Regardless of where in the world the exorcism is taking place, we can easily trace many similarities among these varying rituals. Everyone seems to want a high priest who is well-versed in dealing with demons to do the job. Every culture uses a symbol of divine resistance or power—such as a horn or holy water. Verses from various holy books are read to force the demon out.

The only palpable difference exists between Russia and the rest of the world. While the rest of the world, when they’re not whispering in small, dark rooms, treats the idea of exorcism as being laughable. Russia, not so much. They really did take the anti-Putin shaman threat to heart. Sadly for the exorcist, he was arrested and . . . put into a mental asylum.

All the evidence shows that the threat of evil is real. But how well do exorcisms really work? Is there a better way??

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