This Video Requires a  FREE  Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Afterlife Transition Troubles & Who’s to Blame? 23Dec2018

What we’ll cover in this event …

Who’s to Blame for Afterlife Transition Troubles?
Supporters know that Creator emphatically denies responsibility for this dilemma. Karl and Denny will explore just “who” or “what” is truly responsible for this hazard.

Do Those Who Can Astral Travel Risk Becoming Earthbound?
Astral travel is like driving fast – it’s a lot of “fun” – until it’s NOT. Karl and Denny will share Creator’s copious cautions for those who can astral travel at will. Since the astral traveler and the departed spirit are entering the same environment, are the risks of getting trapped the same?

How do Dark Spirits and Interlopers Interfere with Transition?
Karl and Denny will share Creator’s answer to this important question.

Other Questions on Transition Troubles
Karl and Denny will explore additional issues surrounding the transition dilemma. Is assisted suicide a blessing or a curse? What are the moral and karmic ramifications? Does treatment of the body (burial or cremation) affect the departed one’s ability to transition successfully?

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