Webinar: Current Healing Challenges 09Aug2020

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About The Webinar

Are we out of the woods with the viral pandemic?
Creator explains the surge in new cases of COVID-19 in a number of states, from California to Florida. We also asked about some of the financial alternatives to the US dollar in view of the lockdown and its impact on the US economy.

Are there agents available with protective effects for preventing or healing COVID-19?
Creator discusses the benefits being observed by the medical community with vitamin D supplementation, and emerging data from drug treatment approaches.

Will ET manipulations influence the presidential election?
We will share examples of how mind control can confound thoughts and actions that are designed to undermine public opinion and confidence in political figures.

What more can we learn from case study examples and client questions about healing?
Through Creator’s feedback, we will catch you up on some of the wide array of issues we deal with using the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Can alien Greys simply be removed? Is there help for children’s deep-seated fears? What can get in the way of divine healing for things like stroke? Are there hidden causes of opioid addiction? What are some unusual examples of dark spirit manipulation of people? Webinar: Extraterrestrial Possession and its Consequences 12July2020

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About The Webinar

What’s new that’s of current interest since our last webinar? 
​​​​​​​We will share some of the latest channeled information from Creator we have about things we are exploring and what is in the news.

Can extraterrestrials possess a person to control their actions? 
We have discussed dark spirit possession many times as it affects 90% of people with varied consequences. We have learned through Creator that there are a variety of ways ETs can manipulate people directly and have learned more about the significance.

How important is ET possession in causing human violent actions? 
​​​​​​​We are all aware that criminality is on the rise. Violent actions of demonstrators are attributed to excessive exuberance, people getting caught up in the emotions, a kind of mass hysteria. But what about lone shooters? We explore new perspectives about the true underlying causes of violent behavior.​​​​​​​

Does ET possession endanger the soul? 
​​​​​​​There are many pitfalls in being a physical human. We are at risk of being commandeered to do wrongful acts. We risk failing to return to the light and becoming an earthbound spirit when we die. But can we lose our soul? People have raised troubling questions about whether the soul itself can be taken over. Creator has explained the mechanisms for manipulation and limits to what can happen. Webinar: COVID-19 Progress but Growing Civil Unrest 21June2020

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About The Webinar

Is there progress in identifying effective therapies for COVID-19? 
​​​​​​​We will give Creator’s perspective on emerging clinical trials and a fascinating summary of helpful home remedies that can be beneficial.

Were the experts wrong about the dangers of COVID-19? 
​​​​​​​A recent story on the internet raised an alarm about dogs possibly harboring the virus. Creator explains that will not happen. We will share Creator’s views of the variables pertaining to the spread of the pandemic and the overall mortality, and the role of prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol in bringing about fewer casualties than expected.

Are police shootings America’s biggest problem? 
​​​​​​​The recent death of an arrested man in Minneapolis ignited a firestorm of protests, demonstrations, and riots across America. We explore whether this is justified, what forces are behind this groundswell of concerned citizens, and Creator’s warnings about how poisonous, accusations of racism have become.

Is defunding the police the answer for their alleged misconduct? 
​​​​​​​We will explore various types of disinformation being used to fan the flames of discontent about presumed systemic racism, the origins and issues resulting in the anti-fascist backlash, and the evil manipulations threatening our society. Webinar: Amazing Supernatural Animal Stories 31May2020

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About The Webinar

How often do companion animals reincarnate to be with prior owners?
Creator explains how the divine realm can arrange a reunion, the frequency of occurrence, why two recent motion pictures accurately predict what can happen, and shares two real-life examples, one involving a prophetic dream that came true. We also explore the cardiovascular benefits of dog ownership.

Can the divine go into the past to heal animals and prevent suffering?
We will do a follow-up about a healing we did for a dog who suffered hind-limb paralysis as a surgical complication. A sharp viewer noticed a contradiction in our speculation about when the healing was accomplished, so we followed up and found the family was actually experiencing the enigmatic Mandela effect, remembering something as having happened even though it was subsequently prevented.

Can companion animal spirits interact with the living? 
​​​​​​​We will describe an interesting case report of spirit possession of a dog by a litter-mate she grew up with who had passed away, and an interesting cat visitation from the light.

What is the divine perspective of animal ethics?
Creator discusses real situations of people faced with whether to euthanize their pet, whether wild animals should be set free, and whether harmful pests deserve to be eliminated without suffering. We will also reveal food for thought about why companion animal cancer rates are escalating. Webinar Causes of the Growing Food Crisis 10May2020

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About The Webinar

What are current geopolitical and COVID-19 concerns? 
​​​​​​​We will give a quick update on emerging issues and opportunities from Creator’s perspective about the current pandemic and world affairs.

How serious is the threat to our meat supply? 
​​​​​​​There are many pressures on the human food supply, the latest being a shutdown of many meat processing plants. We will discuss what Creator says about the causes and the true reasons why.

Is our preoccupation with grains as a food source misguided?
We turn to divine wisdom on what we have taken for granted as a necessary cornerstone of the human diet, and will discuss the downside of the technologies necessary to keep this focus.

Are there hidden reasons making farming so challenging? 
​​​​​​​Developed nations with ready availability of food have become very complacent. With Creator’s help, we explore the many negative influences working against successfully growing crops and bringing them to market. We recount the reasons why there are so many scourges threatening our food supply, from the weather to the Asian murder hornet, including the extraordinarily high suicide rate among farmers and ranchers. Webinar: Alien Manipulation Insights and Answers 12Apr2020

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About The Webinar

What else do we need to know about heavy metal toxicities?
We will provide additional insights about alien manipulation of human infants and the causes of ADD, ADHD and autism. We will discuss how it is done, and therapeutic strategies to help prevent and treat these conditions.

Are there sinister reasons for the worldwide lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? 
We discuss with Creator the unusual response being imposed by governments to cause a huge economic collapse of the world economy, and the interesting karmic and practical implications for humanity.

What’s new in possible therapies for COVID-19 patients? 
We will present some new insights about simple antioxidant strategies to manage what is happening with coronavirus infection. There are new hypotheses emerging about how this virus and its effects differ markedly from prior respiratory infections that point the way to better treatments.

Is there a benefit or danger in learning “light language?” 
Channelers are currently teaching clients to speak in a so-called “light language” with promises of benefiting them in various ways. Creator explains what is really going on and the potential consequences for following such practices. Webinar: True Scourge of Viral and Other Pests 29Mar2020

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About The Webinar

How many of the world’s pests don’t really belong here?
We explore with Creator the back story behind creation of some of the many scourges that plague us, and the surprising reason they’re on our planet.

What is the true origin and purpose of the many viral pathogens?
We explore the fallacy of “flu season” and its true causes, what it means to humanity, and our future.

Are there unknown types of organisms & where do they come from?
We explore the origins and characteristics of strange hybrid organisms that are still unappreciated by science, yet infest human beings. We will discuss the role of divine healing for this scourge that has no effective medical treatment.

Are many common “autoimmune” and other diseases actually produced by viruses?
There has been a breakthrough in understanding about these issues from the work of a spiritual “medical medium” which will eventually change entirely how many common disorders are understood, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, Parkinson’s, depression, Lyme disease, and others. We will discuss what can help.

What is the major cause of ADHD and autism?
New insights point to heavy metal poisoning as a true culprit in compromising neural function. We will discuss the role of divine healing and the reasons it is needed. Lyme disease, and others. We will discuss what can help. Webinar: Coping with Coronavirus 08Mar2020

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About The Webinar

Where Did the Latest Coronavirus Come From and Why? 
​​​​​​​There has been much confusion and speculation about whether the Wuhan China outbreak is one or multiple viruses; whether the pulmonary problem is as much due to air pollution or adverse effects of a 5G rollout underway in the region; and whether it’s an animal virus that spread from a “wet market” serving wild animal meats. Creator reveals the true story.

Important Things to Know About the Coronavirus COVID-19? 
We will explain Creator’s predictions about how easily it spreads; whether people can become carriers; and whether people can be reinfected.

Serious Symptoms Besides Decreased Pulmonary Function?
Although it’s still early along, we will explain the picture that’s emerging about tissue distribution and vulnerability to the virus, and the functions of the body that can be compromised.

What steps can be taken to protect COVID-19? 
​​​​​​​We will share Creator’s perspective on divine intervention to control epidemics and things people can do to promote safety. We have also obtained Creator’s blessing for a novel and powerful prayer designed for just such circumstances. To make it work, as usual, needs humans to make the effort to partner with Creator.

GetWisdom Webinar: Deep Underground Military (ET) Bases 16Feb2020

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GetWisdom Webinar – Deep Underground Military (ET) Bases 16Feb2020

About the Webinar

What’s really behind the recent news?
We will share several recent channelings about top news events to reveal the real story behind what’s happening. We will endeavor, in this way, to keep you posted at intervals about unfolding events, rather than wait until we do a webinar devoted to the particular topics they represent.

Is there an underground war being fought with extraterrestrials?
Reports about anomalous seismic activity all around the world are the subject of confusing accounts and continued speculation. Creator tells us it’s all related to extraterrestrial doings, but to help their cause, not ours.

What is the purpose of having deep underground bases?
There are clearly human military uses for underground installations, but the depth and breadth of activity goes far beyond their needs. We discuss how this large network of facilities serves the Dark Extraterrestrial Alliance in numerous ways.

How will deep underground ET bases affect our future?
Rather than being a dry, technical subject, it is central to the unfolding drama affecting the planet and everything on it. We will share what we have learned about the plans underway and their implications for human safety and survival. Webinar: Healing Secret Space Program (MAP) Recruits 12Jan2020

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What we’ll cover in this event …

Do SSP/MAP Recruits Undergo Severe Mind Manipulation?
Humans recruited (manipulated or volunteered) for the SSP/MAP (Secret Space Program that Creator calls the Mercenary Army Program) are kept in line by causing fragmentation of the mind into subparts, so that a part of the them can be called on to carry out clandestine work and then submerge leaving no conscious awareness. We explore how this works and how it can be counteracted.

Can MAP Recruits be Deprogrammed?
To save members of the MAP from being further manipulated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, they must have their programming removed to regain stability and self-control. We will discuss the role of the Lightworker Healing Protocol in bringing to bear effective divine healing.

Are MAP Recruits Managed Between Tours of Duty?
Unfortunately, in the same way US soldiers have always been considered GIs (Government Inventory), those who serve in the MAP are considered alien property and are recallable. If they do forbidden things suggesting they are thinking too freely, they are reined in using coercion of various kinds. Karl & Denny will share case study examples.

What are the Prospects for Preventing MAP Mayhem?
Karl & Denny will share Creator’s feedback about how our healing outreach is progressing in addressing the problems and agenda of the MAP, and our ability to rescue recruits from the adverse consequences of their involvement.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about healing secret space program (MAP) recruits …