Webinar: Cellular Memory in Mental and Emotional Problems 19Sep2021

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How important is cellular consciousness of the brain and central nervous system? 
Creator discusses how the mind interacts frequently with cellular memory it adds to, and reacts to, in many ways from helpful to devastating. Over 90% of habits, good or bad, depend on cellular memory. Negative, self-limiting beliefs can reside within cellular consciousness. Changing persistent negativity of all kinds with lasting success, depends on understanding these mechanisms and provides a huge opportunity for successful therapeutic intervention.  

What kinds of mental health problems spring from cellular memory? 
Both anxiety and depression are largely dependent on a kind of cellular memory for their perpetuation. It also turns out that delusional thinking is a phenomenon of cellular consciousness, one of a number of heavily studied, but still misunderstood, psychological phenomena. This also applies to things like obsessive compulsive disorder and psychotic disorders, like schizophrenia. Corrupted cellular consciousness induced by spirit possession provides the key gateway and mechanism by which dark spirits induce the self-torment characteristic of chronic mental illness.

Can cognitive and other issues arise from impaired cellular consciousness? 
Creator discusses how cellular memory impairment complicates the lives of autistic individuals when their body is out of sync and can’t express their advanced minds. Dementias, like Alzheimer’s, are a defect of cellular consciousness. Mind control manipulation and external targeting to undermine people via both advanced technologies and psychic programming work by manipulating cellular consciousness.

Can cellular consciousness affecting the mind be healed? 
Creator explains how cellular memory problems can be healed using the Lightworker Healing Protocol as well as deep subconscious channeling with trauma resolution. Creator predicts they will be the answer for healing severe mental illness, as well as dementias and other mental and emotional dilemmas of many kinds.

GetWisdom Webinar: Cellular Memory as a Cause of Physical Illness 05Sep2021

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GetWisdom Webinar: Cellular Memory as a Cause of Physical Illness 05Sep2021

About The Webinar

How common a problem is cellular memory in physical illness? Creator describes the many problems and situations that arise from the phenomenon of cellular consciousness that can perpetuate symptoms, especially in a majority of chronic illnesses, even though the original condition and its causes have been healed. This brings prolonged suffering and needless medical treatment that will be ineffective and may cause complications.

What kind of maladies exhibit cellular memory complications? We will share Creator’s feedback about a wide variety of examples, and case studies, such as Covid-19 long-haulers, kidney and thyroid problems, ulcerative colitis, allergies, cardiac arrhythmias, chronic pain, and skin problems. We will give an example of the many sufferers with multiple chronic complaints that mainstream approaches cannot address effectively.

What kinds of karmic repair are needed for addressing cellular memory issues? Creator describes the components of the Lightworker Healing Protocol that may all be necessary to address the complex interplay of karmic phenomena that contribute to cellular memory persistence of suffering.

Will Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution help?  Creator discusses the mechanisms of trauma resolution for healing and how going through the deep subconscious via channeling is the most effective approach in correcting cellular memory problems more quickly. Webinar: The Amazing Role of Honeybees as a Natural Wonder 08Aug2021

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About The Webinar

What can the society of honeybees teach us about life?
Creator explains the deficiencies of human consciousness that keep us off balance, and why honeybees do it better. Bees have some quite amazing special properties that make them much closer to us than many species.

Why do bees sting some people and not others?
Creator explains the fascinating role of consciousness on both sides in the interactions between these two species.

Are there medicinal properties in honey?
Creator describes honey as being a “miraculous natural substance in its multiplicity of uses” and that it has many different kinds of healing properties.

What is causing the catastrophic decline in bee populations?
Creator explains the many environmental influences, largely caused by the interlopers, but involving human technologies, that are threatening the critical role of honeybees as pollinators. This reveals that the honeybee is an important “canary in the coal mine” warning us about important hazards.

GetWisdom Webinar: Interloper Covid Disinformation & More Manipulation 11Jul2021

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GetWisdom Webinar: Interloper Covid Disinformation & More Manipulation 11Jul2021

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Why is it being reported that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a hoax?
There are dueling disinformation campaigns being introduced and promoted. Creator helps us sort out what it all means.

Is there a downside to immunization that should give us pause?
Many groups with opposing views are championing their cause, and this sows great confusion. Creator puts things in perspective to help allay fears.

Who is behind the cyberattacks that are growing in scope and frequency?
Many businesses are being hacked and their software held hostage for huge ransom payments. Creator discusses the origin and purpose of this undermining of world economic and political stability.

Is there a connection between the condo collapse in Florida and church attacks?
We probed with Creator the growing incidence of arson, vandalism, and the recent unprecedented building collapse to piece together what is going on and what it portends for the future. Webinar: Companion Animal Amazements and Issues 13Jun2021

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About The Webinar

Do companion animals develop karmic maladies like humans? 
​​​​​​​Fully 94% of human illnesses are caused by prior karmic trauma. It is not surprising that illness in companion animals, who have many lives with humans, develop much karmic wounding that can take a physical toll in future incarnations. Many times, an illness in the current life is an attempt by the animal to heal the human owners by taking on their karmic discord. We will share examples.

Do companion animals need a companion animal? 
​​​​​​​This is not often considered, but can be highly beneficial to an animal’s wellbeing. Companion animals can also heal one another, as well as humans. We will cite published scientific data of pet ownership helping human heart disease, and Creator explains why this is only the tip of the iceberg of many health benefits our companion animals provide.

Do companion animals get spirit attachments? 
​​​​​​​We will give examples of spirit attachment issues in a pet bird, as well as in canines, and how it affects animal behavior and happiness.

Is there new information about companion animal reincarnation? 
​​​​​​​Creator discusses the frequency of prior companion animals reincarnating to be with their previous owners, and how this can be requested. We will present two interesting examples of how it was arranged to happen. One also involves a prophetic dream. The other example illustrates a new puppy spontaneously demonstrating a trick learned in a prior life with the owner, just like in the movies! Webinar: Healing of Hazardous Environmental Influences 30May2021

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About The Webinar

Are the advanced technologies we enjoy and depend on hurting us? 
​​​​​​​Creator recounts the unfortunate and inevitable downside of our dependence on electrical grids, and the adverse health influences of all mass communication technologies that decrease longevity, despite the pleasures and efficiencies they provide.

Will the advent of “5G” for telecommunications and wi-fi make things worse? 
​​​​​​​We explore a range of viewer questions and concerns about the more powerful communication coverage intended to blanket every square foot of the earth’s surface. The legitimate health risks are complicated by multiple disinformation claims designed deliberately to discredit whistleblowers.

What evidence exists that electronic technologies are carcinogenic? 
​​​​​​​Creator reveals some unknown links between deadly illness and electromagnetic energies abundant in modern environments; comments on the scientific evidence that is growing despite resistance by vested interests; and explains the role of the Lightworker Healing Protocol for dealing with electromagnetic frequency exposure.

Are there other under-appreciated environmental hazards causing harm? 
​​​​​​​Science is now recognizing that prolonged staring at computer screens harms eyesight. There is also a growing environmental scourge from cheap plastic products creating plastic microparticles that are harmful. Creator discusses the growing dementia problem and the hidden role of neurotoxic substances like heavy metals that contribute. This, too, can be addressed with divine healing help.

GetWisdom Webinar: Creator Shares Revelations About Health and Healing 09May2021

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GetWisdom Webinar: Creator Shares Revelations About Health and Healing 09May2021

 About The Webinar

Does ignorance about the cause of our health problems limit divine healing? 
​​​​​​​Creator explains why divine intervention depends heavily on human intention. Our state of ignorance about the role of karma from prior trauma in causing illness, creates a major barrier to what the divine can do in response to a healing request.

Will a general prayer for help be as effective as one with detailed specifics? 
​​​​​​​Here again, Creator reveals why so many prayers for help can be met with only a weak response, when launched with ignorance about the specific origins and nature of the problem. This discussion is invaluable to gain an understanding of ways to achieve human empowerment when it counts the most—to alleviate suffering.

Are dark thoughts about others harmful if they are never shared? 
​​​​​​​Surprisingly, even though we lack the full empowerment of light beings while physically incarnated, our consciousness extends beyond the self. So dark thoughts can potentially harm others, and will always harm the self, because they will always be seen by the Law of Karma as requiring a repayment. Creator explains that even the thoughts of the deep subconscious we are unaware of consciously, can end up undermining our health and well-being.

If municipal water supplies are dead water, is there a natural substitute? 
​​​​​​​Creator has shared with us that water from nature has beneficial novel life forms unknown to science, which are destroyed by processing through city water treatment plants. Fortunately, there is another source of these health-promoting benefits you can find at your grocery store. Webinar: Deep Subconscious Channeling—A Healing Breakthrough 11Apr2021

This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Deep Subconscious Channeling—A Healing Breakthrough 11Apr2021

About The Webinar

How big a role does the deep subconscious play in our lives?  Surprisingly, it turns out that the deep subconscious, a phenomenon still unknown to science, is the biggest part of the mind, and is a key player in determining whether we experience misery or happiness. Cut off from conscious awareness, the deep subconscious is often in torment and this is the cause of most anxiety, depression and other emotional suffering presumed to be a biochemical disorder.

What are some major benefits of deep subconscious channeling? 
​​​​​​​So far, we have identified the following capabilities of deep subconscious channeling: 1) communicating with people who are cognitively impaired as with dementia, traumatic injury, stroke, and coma states; 2) bridging the gap to speak with people who are uncommunicative, as with autism, infants, and young children; 3) working with the mentally disturbed whose conscious mind is too delusional to be cooperative; 4) helping people too emotionally fragile to face their problems directly, such as abused children, or who have memory blocks; 5) providing a direct way to carry out effective trauma resolution of key events from both current and past lives which hinder happiness; 6) providing a way to teach the deep subconscious to interact productively with the higher self as a healing resource; 7) providing needed healing to prepare people for their passing, so they don’t cling to life from fear, when their transition would be a humane and welcome escape from suffering.

Can deep subconscious channeling heal emotional problems and physical maladies? 
​​​​​​​Because 94% of physical illness is caused by karma, resolving past trauma events that were never healed can be the key to obtaining lasting relief for all kinds of problems. The mind is designed to remember every threat and insult, and worry about it endlessly. The ultimate answer is deep repair and healing of all the wounds of the past. The deep subconscious can tell us what it’s worrying about, and we can now help resolve the issues it struggles with.

How effective is the healing with deep subconscious channeling and trauma resolution? 
​​​​​​​Creator explains how the trauma resolution process we use actually repairs the energetic signature of karmic trauma events within the akashic records, and that is what is required for complete and lasting healing. Webinar: COVID-19 Update 14Mar2021

This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: COVID-19 Update 14Mar2021

About The Webinar

Are some traditional Chinese medicines helpful for Covid-19? 
​​​​​​​We will give Creator’s perspective on this approach, and summarize some available clinical data.

Are there any concerns about dogs or livestock harboring coronavirus? 
​​​​​​​We will share some commentary raising concerns, and bring you up to date on Creator’s explanations for why we needn’t worry about animals being an important vector for spreading the pandemic.

Are there new insights about protective measures? 
​​​​​​​Creator has answered further viewer questions about vitamins and other natural substances and their role in preventing or ameliorating Covid-19 infection and severity. We will discuss preliminary promising data for another drug that is inexpensive, FDA approved, and widely available. We will also share new insights about problems with lockdowns and effects of the pandemic on the young.

How safe and helpful are the various vaccines? 
​​​​​​​We asked Creator new viewer questions about safety and efficacy of the available shots amid the growing, but unwarranted, skepticism and fear. Webinar: Finding & Improving Love Relationships 14Feb2021

This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Finding & Improving Love Relationships 14Feb2021

About The Webinar

Is love just chemistry or is it karma?
​​​​​​​Creator explains that karma is the greatest power and influence on all human activity there is, so love relationships are greatly influenced by all that has come before, for better or worse. This points to the fact that doing some deep karmic repair might be just the ticket to help one’s love life. Along the way, we learn how to mend a broken heart.

Are key relationships pre-planned before incarnation?
Creator discusses the important role of what is seemingly divine matchmaking, but actually agreement among souls to take on many roles during their life in the physical.

What is the optimum age for marriage and raising children?
We discuss these important decisions and their impact on personal happiness and success of love relationships. We also probe issues of adoption and its influence on forming love bonds by both children and parents.

Is finding one’s soulmate realistic or just a dream?
Endless discussion and speculation has been done about finding one’s perfect love partner. Creator explains the odds of finding a suitable mate and the pitfalls in demanding perfection. We also de-mystify the role of twin flames and explain the restrictions of physical existence.