This Video Requires a  FREE  Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Do We Really Create Our Own Reality? 13Jan2019

What we’ll cover in this event …

Do Thoughts Make Everything Happen?
Karl & Denny will share Creator’s thoughts on “thoughts”. If we really create our own “reality”, why are we so BAD at it? Or is this New Age notion a subterfuge? Designed to confuse, distract and diffuse our true capabilities and potential? Why is positive thinking so difficult, and results so challenging to convincingly determine?

Do Our Thoughts Harm the Environment?
Karl & Denny share Creator’s insights on whether human fear and anxiety have direct and measurable impact on the Earth’s environment. Is “human-made” climate change real? Do thoughts pollute as much as physical toxins and environmental mismanagement?

Is Our Deep Subconscious Unreliable?
Imagine having an incompetent employee you couldn’t fire – even if you wanted to? Or a security guard who sleeps on the job? Karl and Denny share Creator’s breakdown of the true nature of the Deep Subconscious, its purpose, and its limitations.

What Goes On in the Minds of the Mentally Ill?
Karl & Denny will share what Creator reveals about delusions and hallucinations.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about do we really create our own reality? …

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