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What we’ll cover in this event …

Energy Healing – It’s Embattled History
Karl and Brian (Denny is away) briefly set the stage for Creator’s discussion on the topic of “Energy Healing”. Energy Healing is a label that covers almost everything outside of western-based pharmaceutical medicine. “Laying on of hands”, reiki, and even acupuncture are the most widely known examples of this approach. Both skeptics and true believers abound. Some even consider it witchcraft and sorcery.

Does Energy Healing REALLY Work?
Karl and Brian share Creator’s detailed revelations on this very question. Discussion will explore why results vary so widely, and why energy healing remains largely an “alternative” treatment in spite of being around as long as humanity itself.

What are the Hazards and Risks?
Karl and Brian will share important advisories and cautions from Creator about the genuine hazards and risks of energy healing. Is it possible to do more harm than good? What are the risks to both the practitioner and recipient?

Energy Healing and/or The Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Karl and Brian compare and contrast the two approaches, and share Creator’s words on to how to utilize each for maximum benefit and minimum risk.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about energy healing benefits and risks …

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