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GetWisdom LIVE – Creator’s Perspective on Being Normal 16Sep2022

  • Do we really know what it mean to be normal?
  • Is it abnormal to have a sudden change in accepted norms?
  • Can the media be relied on to show the truth?
  • Are we fooled into believing what is normal is also good, and therefore a departure from the accepted norms must be bad?
  • Do we have deep root beliefs that are deliberately instilled to control our thinking and actions?
  • Are people conditioned to conform to accepted norms to the degree they may panic if their beliefs are questioned?
  • Is challenging a person’s normality now seen as challenging their goodness?
  • Can a person with a root belief that democracy is good, be manipulated to accept wrongdoing by leaders in the name of protecting democracy from attack?
  • Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help us recover from false beliefs engendered by living in an abnormal world.

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