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Over the years, déjà vu—the French phrase that translates to “already seen”—has become common knowledge across the globe. Whether you attend a Bon Iver concert and feel like you’ve experienced it before or get into a bad car accident only to get flashbacks of being in a similar predicament in the past, déjà vu is powerful and extremely common, to say the least.

But what does it indicate? Does your brain falsely perceive an experience as a distant memory? Or is the universe trying to tell you something? Let’s dig deeper.

Altering the Experience

Déjà vu doesn’t just happen for the sake of it. In many cases, it’s the universe telling you to act differently in a certain situation. In essence, it’s a caution or a euphoria enhancer.

Let’s break this down.

Let’s say you’re about to get robbed, and you feel a strong sense of déjà vu. In some cases, you’ll feel déjà vu right before the incident. However, it can be immediately after as well. If it’s the former, you can pre-empt the robbery and save your belongings or, more importantly, yourself. If it’s the latter, you’ll find it easier to process the incident and navigate the following stages.

In these cases, déjà vu acts as a caution.

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a party with a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the foreground

As stated earlier, it can also be a euphoria enhancer. Say you’re partying with your friends. Within seconds, a very specific song comes on and you smell the heady scent of a very specific bottle of Pinot Grigio. As the song and the scent hit you, you realize this has happened before: you’ve danced to this exact song while smelling and sipping this exact Pinot Grigio. Except it hasn’t. Or perhaps it has—in a past life! Either way, you zone in on the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

In both of these cases, déjà vu respectively helps you handle a difficult situation better (the robbery) and simply have more fun (the party). In essence, it’s the universe talking to you and making things better in its own way.

Guiding You Towards the Truth

Déjà vu is extremely intentional. In many cases, it’s leading you towards something. As you grapple with the situation and put two and two together, you can uncover truths about divine wisdom and enlightenment.

As the universe guides you towards your higher purpose, you’ll feel a greater sense of fulfilment, belonging, and bliss. In a way, déjà vu is the universe making it easier for you to find the pieces of the puzzle, put them together, and see the bigger picture more clearly.

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