How much of today’s politics and protests are black and white? Are we sure we’re not being misled down a path of destruction by some other force that revels in our defeat?

The Current Fabric of Race Crime in the United States

The U.S. has, in particular, become synonymous with two terms these days: mass shootings and race crime. According to official records, hate crime-related violence hit a 16-year high recently. Moreover, people hypothesize that it is a direct result of our fearless leader being elected.

On the one hand, there’s no denying that race crime exists and that humans inflict miseries on other humans on the basis of some morphed understanding of racial superiority. On the other hand, we forget that humankind has collective enemies who benefit from discord among us.

The Source of Sensitivity

Regardless of how many stats and numbers we present, there’s no escaping the sensitivity of the issue. You might think that the reason for this is our past—Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.—but it reaches past that. Karma sits at the center of the issue, having sown the seeds of the present discord a long time ago.

As has been explained multiple times on the Get Wisdom Project, karma is a cyclical force that will keep pushing back until all imbalance is eliminated. Some of the ill will harbored today is mere karmic influence, rounding back to have its due comeuppance.

The Source of Sensitivity

Dark Spirit Meddlers

Between human pliability and dark spirit meddlers, it’s hard to say which one is the bigger enemy. Dark spirit meddlers, however, certainly occupy a stronghold. It’s important to understand that all humans are one race—and that many of the quarrels and squabbles have less to do with race and more with general human pugnaciousness.

Let’s take the George Floyd issue. A white cop killed George Floyd. But an Asian police officer stood right next to Floyd’s white murderer—and did nothing. Moreover, a brown/Arabic shop owner was the one who called the cops on Floyd! People of three races were involved, more or less but the media will tell you about only one.

The Larger Picture

The recent wave of anti-racism protests, it turns out, has a major connection with dark spirit meddlers. We often see what we want to see— or what we are programmed to see and then it’s natural to have tunnel vision about these things. After all, the collective history of humans as we are taught (and of racism in general, of slavery, and of America’s past) is dark enough as is.

The akashic records exist, our collective memories are jarred with the injustices and ills that have wrecked so many lives, and so until healed the issue will always remain a sensitive one. But does the exaggerated tension and turmoil we see now aid healing in any manner?

If you feel like you need a better understanding of the issue, ask the Creator your own questions today.

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