Anti-vaxxers have existed for a long time, but it would seem that their ranks have seriously doubled during the COVID-19 outbreak. For a lot of people who subscribe to this point of view, vaccination is not something that brings relief or something that prevents ailments in the future.

For many people, vaccination has a greater, deeper evil hidden within—and sometimes, the anti-vaxxers are not wrong.

Is Opposition to Vaccination New?

You might wonder why in the world anyone would oppose a vaccine—a life-saving preventive mechanism; a miracle of medical science? Well, the anti-vaxxers have their own answer, and it kind of makes sense. Don’t believe us? You will.

Understand that opposition to vaccination has always been around. Smallpox vaccine—which afflicted huge swathes of the population—also faced the same opposition from anti-vaxxers. In fact, there was a whole anti-vaccination movement in England sometime from 1853 to 1907. The objections ranged from the religious to the political.

But there are more radical opposing positions too.

What is the Opposition to Vaccines?

There are a lot of ideas that the anti-vaxxers support, and some of them—when you dig deeper—hold some weight. One rumor is that vaccines cause autism—which, by the way, the CDC has already proved is wrong. Vaccine denialism sounds like an obscure, illogical stand to take—but is it really?

People’s concerns about their children’s health aren’t something you can just dismiss as illogical. Maybe they aren’t well-informed, but they do know that vaccines are things you’re putting in their bodies. And how can anybody be sure that the authorities aren’t lying to them?

The reason so many people doubt official narratives is because the authorities have cried wolf too many times.

What Does the Creator Have to Say?

One of our users has actually asked this question on the Get Wisdom forum: should we get vaccines? The fear and the concern are all too real. According to the Creator, there are no answers in black-and-white. There are a lot of factors that come into play here, such as:

  • Karmic predispositions
  • Genetics
  • Individual considerations
  • Social environments

There is, of course, great value in vaccination. All the diseases that we have managed to eliminate—or almost eliminate—prove this. Smallpox and polio are prime examples. It’s widely believed that the coronavirus threat will only be over once we have a vaccine on our hands. Nothing can hep you fortify your defenses against microbes other than a vaccine. Turning your back to one can have serious consequences.

But then, the cons have weight too.

There are, for instance, too many antigens in a vaccine sometimes. The body might not be able to adapt to the onslaught of the multiple materials being injected. These vaccines could also be administered too early or in excess—both of which can lead to potential problems in the very young.

So What Should One Do?

Well, we’ll say talk it out with your physician first, of course. Keep an open mind, but also be persuasive in your questions. You can also read the Creator’s answer here or ask the Creator your own question. Remember: the world gives you questions, divine wisdom gives you answers.

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