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More on the Stephen Paddock Channeling 2Nov2017

Hi Karl –

Folks are making comments that should be considered and I also have some concerns about the information given from the alleged Light Being Stephen Paddock regarding the events and details.

My only explanation for the disparity between witness accounts and other physical evidence when compared to was portrayed by Stephen (as a Light Being) is that it was done for our own protection.  

The other explanations are not as good.

Here are just a few of the many problems that I think were either ignored or oddly addressed in the channeling –

1) 6 dead eyewitnesses who were public about their accounts which differed from the official narrative. See (perhaps including Danny Contreras

2) Missing computer hard drive

3) Multiple accounts of more than one shooter. See number 1 above

4) The Campos testimony

5) Cell phone wiped

I think we need to add a Viewer Question for Creator about this because we had some “on the fence followers” who have come off the fence and are standing on the side that these channelings are not to be believed. That is certainly not the litmus test, but we need to engage to have the “partnership with Creator” message taken seriously.

I think we also, perhaps, need to be eliminating channeling candidates like Seth Rich and Stephen Paddock because they are so recent and fresh – I am not so sure why, but I can tell you – I was not enthusiastic about including either one of these into the series. 

To make this easier –

1) Should we include a question for Creator about this?

2) Should we be concentrating on more historical figures that moved human history (at least from a mainstream perspective and like we have been doing) and avoid the “salacious current events” figures like Seth Rich and Stephen Paddock? For me, this is rhetorical question.

Blessings – 

Denny Hunt (aka wrong again!)

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