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Reptilian in the Light #2 Channeled by Karl Mollison 23June2018

Questions for the Light Being Reptilian 23June2018

1) Are you the same Reptilian contact in the Light that spoke with us on May 22, 2018?

2) Did you have any involvement with the Reptilian slave colony that was discussed in the channeling session with Ann Robards?

3) How many such human slave colonies exist?

4) Do other ET’s and/or humanoid species end up as slaves on these colonies?

5) What is the general and typical working relationship between MAP Abductees and Reptilians?

6) In the case of the Reptilian Karmic predicament, is there a means for accelerated Karmic repair that can be implemented by human requests to the Divine Realm on behalf of Reptilians?

7) There seems to be an innate repulsion to snakes amongst humans and especially female humans, why is this so and does it relate to the Reptilian ET’s and is there a corresponding repulsion to any other beings relating to the Anunnaki since they apparently have done more damage to humans than the Reptilians?

8) Is there such a thing as an off-planet human civilization that could be considered self governing? Or are they all MAP abductees or slaves of the Dark Alien Agenda?

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