Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 22May2022

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 22May2022 

  1. What exactly are the “Face on Mars” and the apparent pyramids nearby in the Cydonia region of Mars? Is the “face” truly a megalithic sculpture of a humanoid face, or just a trick of light and shadow as seen from space? If they are real, what is their story; who built them, and why?
  2. Thoth and the Emerald Tablets Message Body: Who was Thoth and what do the Emerald Tablets represent? Was Toth an Anunnaki, a human or a hybrid?What is the truth of Toth’s existence, and what was the purpose of Emerald Tablets & Thoth’s teachings?
  3. If one third of people don’t go into the light upon their deaths, how do some do so years later if a human has not done a Spirit Rescue for them? 
  4. Are there scientists today that are seeking to find a solution on how to utilize the Quantum Field or Zero Point Energy as a power source and, at the same time, are turning to Creator for help to accomplish this?
  5. What are or were the values of such traditions and religions such as Paganism, Shamanism, and Druidry along with the other indigenous religions that were wiped out by the more modern state sponsored mainstream religions?In what way did these serve the Light and in which ways did they serve the ET interlopers?
  6. What are the plausible changes that humans would notice if the ETs were to leave? What would be noticed with respect to weather changes?Are there any other changes that would need some type of explanation given humans seem to think hurricanes and other severe weather and seismic disasters are part of the natural world?
  7. Is Graphene toxic? Is it now being used in chemtrails above the USA and other countries? What purpose does it serve? Does the Lightworker Healing Protocol cover this in terms of its harmful influence on humans and other living things?
  8. What can you tell us about the Georgia Guidestones?What is the purpose of this monument and what is your perspective on its message, warnings and origins?
  9. The typical human perspective towards reptiles, in general, is that they seem to be the antithesis of what we would consider as ‘love-based beings’ yet they were created by the same Creator that created the corrupted, but ‘love based’ humans who still seem to have vestiges of this loving nature. Can you explain these differences and how a Reptile could be reconsidered, especially in its healed state?
  10. If karma is an adjunct to the learning process, and Creator itself is, it seems, also leaning from the creation process, is it also subject to the Laws of Karma, and if not, why not? How is the Divine Realm itself subjected to the laws of karma as it relates to the created universe?

Louis Jolyon West Channeled by Karl Mollison 15May2022

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Louis Jolyon West Channeled by Karl Mollison 15May2022


Louis Jolyon West October 6, 1924 – January 2, 1999 was an American psychiatrist involved in the public sphere. In 1954, at the age of 29 and with no previous tenure-track appointment, he became a full professor and chair of psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

From 1969 to 1989, he served as chair of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine and the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute.

West’s work on brainwashing techniques allowed him to exonerate U.S. servicemen under suspicion of treason for making false confessions during the Korean War-era. This brought him to the attention of the CIA, with which his relationship, at present controversial, requires further study.

He pioneered research into the use and abuse of LSD.

According to West, Scientologists attempted to discredit him and get him fired, using methods similar to those used in Operation Freakout. This was allegedly done after his contributions to a 1980 textbook that classified Scientology as a cult.

West participated in an American Psychiatric Association panel on cults. Each speaker had received a letter threatening a lawsuit if Scientology were mentioned; apparently others were intimidated. Only West, the last speaker, referred to the letter and the cult: “I read parts of the letter to the 1,000-plus psychiatrists and then told any Scientologists in the crowd to pay attention. I said I would like to advise my colleagues that I consider Scientology a cult and L. Ron Hubbard a quack and a fake. I wasn’t about to let them intimidate me.”

West was also active in studying the creation and management of cults, and anti-death penalty activism. Along with friend Charlton Heston, he supported the Civil Rights Movement, frequently participating in sit-ins and rallies.

In 1999, West died at his home in Los Angeles at age 74. His family said the cause of death was metastatic cancer. However, West’s son John would later assert in a 2009 memoir that he helped his father end his life at the latter’s choice by using prescription medication due to the terminal illness.

And from

Alleged persons he treated: Charles Manson, Sirhan-Sirhan, and later David Koresh. January 7, 1999, Reuters: “After examining [Jack] Ruby, the killer of President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, West concluded Ruby was suffering from ’major mental illness precipitated by the stress of (his) trial.’’’ Member of the White House Conference on Civil Rights in 1966. For many years he fought for the abolishment of the death penalty. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the FMS Foundation (as reported in the FMS Foundation Newsletter, Vol 4, No. 8, September 1, 1995). Dr. Colin Ross, who received many FOIA documents pertaining to U.S. government mind control research: “Started off as a Top Secret official for the Air Force who interviewed the American pilots who came back from Korea having been captured and brainwashed by the Communist Chinese. Joly West and Margaret Singer worked for Air Force Intelligence talking to those downed American pilots who were actually DDNOS level Manchurian Candidates. Director the Cult Awareness Network… funded under MKULTRA to study the psychobiology of dissociation. He will probably go down in history as the only person to kill an elephant at Oklahoma City Zoo with LSD…

Joly West was the expert witness in the trial for Patty Hearst. Who were the expert witnesses called to explain to the jury that Patty Hearst was actually a victim of coercive persuasion, mind control and brainwashing … Joly West, Margaret Singer, Robert Lifton and Martin Orne. So what did Joly West have to do with Vacaville? Joly West was Head of the UCLA Violence Project which was approved by Ronald Reagan when he was Governor of California, then shut down by public protest. It was spearheaded by a number of people including some people who were very interested in the history of CIA military mind control, and have written books about it. Well the UCLA Violence Project you are going to see in subsequent slides… [Joly was a] CIA and military contractor, and an expert on multiple personality and other things… he actually mentions multiple personality in his CIA proposal. He tried to set up this UCLA violence center that was going to be funded by Ronald Reagan and Frank Irvine from the Harvard brain electrode implant team was going to come. One of the things that was going to be done at the UCLA violence project and also at Vacaville State Prison under a separate administrative structure, but which got shut down by public protest, was that they were going to implant brain electrodes in violent sex offenders…”

GetWisdom Webinar: Alien Agenda Update 08May2022

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GetWisdom Webinar: Alien Agenda Update 08May2022

James Randi Channeled by Karl Mollison 01May2022

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James Randi Channeled by Karl Mollison 01May2022


James Randi (August 7, 1928 – October 20, 2020) was a Canadian-American stage magician and scientific skeptic who extensively challenged paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. 

He was the son of Marie Alice (née Paradis; 1906-1987) and George Randall Zwinge (1903-1967), an executive at Bell Telephone Company. He was of French, Danish and Austrian descent.

He had a younger brother and sister. He took up magic after seeing Harry Blackstone Sr. and reading conjuring books while spending 13 months in a body cast following a bicycle accident. He confounded doctors, who expected he would never walk again.

Randi scored 168 on an IQ test. He often skipped classes, and at 17, dropped out of high school to perform as a conjurer in a carnival roadshow.  He practiced as a mentalist in local nightclubs and at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition and wrote for Montreal’s tabloid press.

As a teenager, he stumbled upon a church where the pastor claimed to read minds. After he re-enacted the trick before the parishioners, the pastor’s wife called the police and he spent four hours in a jail cell. This inspired his career as a scientific skeptic.

In his 20s, Randi posed as an astrologer, and to establish that they merely were doing simple tricks, he briefly wrote an astrological column in the Canadian tabloid Midnight under the name “Zo-ran” by simply shuffling up items from newspaper astrology columns and pasting them randomly into a column. In his 30s, Randi worked in the UK, Europe, Philippine nightclubs, and Japan. He witnessed many tricks that were presented as being supernatural. One of his earliest reported experiences was that of seeing an evangelist using a version of the “one-ahead”[ technique to convince churchgoers of his divine powers.

He was the co-founder of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), and founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). Randi began his career as a magician under the stage name The Amazing Randi and later chose to devote most of his time to investigating paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims, which he collectively called “woo-woo”.

Randi retired from practicing magic at age 60, and from his foundation at 87. Although often referred to as a “debunker”, Randi said he disliked the term’s connotations and preferred to describe himself as an “investigator”. He wrote about paranormal phenomena, skepticism, and the history of magic. He was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, famously exposing fraudulent faith healer Peter Popoff, and was occasionally featured on the television program Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

Before Randi’s retirement, JREF sponsored the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, which offered a prize of one million US dollars to eligible applicants who could demonstrate evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event under test conditions agreed to by both parties.

In 2015, the James Randi Educational Foundation said they will no longer accept applications directly from people claiming to have a paranormal power, but will offer the challenge to anyone who has passed a preliminary test that meets with their approval.

Randi died at his home on October 20, 2020, at the age of 92. The James Randi Educational Foundation attributed his death to “age-related causes”. The Center for Inquiry said that Randi “was the public face of skeptical inquiry, bringing a sense of fun and mischievousness to a serious mission.” Kendrick Frazier said, as part of the statement,

“Despite his ferocity in challenging all forms of nonsense, in person he was a kind and gentle man.”

Donald Rumsfeld Channeled by Karl Mollison 24Apr2022

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Donald Rumsfeld Channeled by Karl Mollison 24Apr2022


Donald Henry Rumsfeld July 9, 1932 – June 29, 2021 was an American politician, government official and businessman who served as Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under president Gerald Ford, and again from 2001 to 2006 under President George W. Bush.

He was both the youngest and the oldest secretary of defense. Additionally, Rumsfeld was a three-term U.S. Congressman from Illinois (1963–1969), director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (1969–1970), Counselor to the President (1969–1973), the U.S. Representative to NATO (1973–1974), and the White House Chief of Staff (1974–1975). Between his terms as secretary of defense, he served as the CEO and chairman of several companies.

Born in Illinois, Rumsfeld attended Princeton University, graduating in 1954 with a degree in political science. After serving in the Navy for three years, he mounted a campaign for Congress in Illinois’s 13th Congressional District, winning in 1962 at the age of 30. While in Congress, he was a leading co-sponsor of the Freedom of Information Act. Rumsfeld accepted an appointment by President Richard Nixon to head the Office of Economic Opportunity in 1969; appointed counsellor by Nixon and entitled to Cabinet-level status, he also headed up the Economic Stabilization Program before being appointed ambassador to NATO. Called back to Washington in August 1974, Rumsfeld was appointed chief of staff by President Ford.

Rumsfeld recruited a young one-time staffer of his, Dick Cheney, to succeed him when Ford nominated him to be Secretary of Defense in 1975. When Ford lost the 1976 election, Rumsfeld returned to private business and financial life, and was named president and CEO of the pharmaceutical corporation G. D. Searle & Company. He was later named CEO of General Instrument from 1990 to 1993 and chairman of Gilead Sciences from 1997 to 2001.

Rumsfeld was appointed Secretary of Defense for a second time in January 2001 by President George W. Bush. As Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld played a central role in the invasion of Afghanistan and invasion of Iraq. Before and during the Iraq War, he claimed that Iraq had an active weapons of mass destruction program; yet no stockpiles were ever found. A Pentagon Inspector General report found that Rumsfeld’s top policy aide “developed, produced, and then disseminated alternative intelligence assessments on the Iraq and al-Qaeda relationship, which included some conclusions that were inconsistent with the consensus of the Intelligence Community, to senior decision-makers “Eight U.S. and other NATO-member retired generals and admirals called for Rumsfeld to resign in early 2006 in what was called the “Generals Revolt”, accusing him of “abysmal” military planning and lack of strategic competence.

Commentator Pat Buchanan reported at the time that Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who traveled often to Iraq and supported the war, said the generals “mirror the views of 75 percent of the officers in the field, and probably more”. Rumsfeld rebuffed these criticisms, stating, “out of thousands and thousands of admirals and generals, if every time two or three people disagreed we changed the secretary of defense of the United States, it would be like a merry-go-round.”

Bush defended Rumsfeld throughout and responded by stating that Rumsfeld is “exactly what is needed”.

Rumsfeld shakes President Bush’s hand as he announces his resignation, November 8, 2006.

On November 1, 2006, Bush stated he would stand by Rumsfeld as defense secretary for the length of his term as president. Rumsfeld wrote a resignation letter dated November 6, 2006, and, per the stamp on the letter, Bush saw it on Election Day, November 7, 2006. Rumsfeld’s tenure was controversial for its use of torture and the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal.

In his retirement years, he published an autobiography, Known and Unknown, as well as Rumsfeld’s Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War, and Life.

He died on June 29, 2021, at the age of 88.

Ennio Morricone Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Apr2022

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Ennio Morricone Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Apr2022

Ennio Morricone 10 November 1928 – 6 July 2020 was an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and trumpeter who wrote music in a wide range of styles. With more than 400 scores for cinema and television, as well as more than 100 classical works, Morricone is widely considered one of the most prolific and greatest film composers of all time. 

His filmography includes more than 70 award-winning films, all Sergio Leone’s films since A Fistful of Dollars, all Giuseppe Tornatore’s films since Cinema ParadisoThe Battle of Algiers, Dario Argento’s Animal Trilogy1900Exorcist II, Days of Heaven, several major films in French cinema, in particular the comedy trilogy La Cage aux Folles I, II, III and Le Professionnel, as well as The ThingOnce Upon a Time in America, The Mission, The Untouchables, Mission to Mars, Bugsy, Disclosure, In the Line of Fire, Bulworth, Ripley’s Game, and The Hateful Eight.  His score to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) is regarded as one of the most recognizable and influential soundtracks in history.  

It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

After playing the trumpet in jazz bands in the 1940s, he became a studio arranger for RCA Victor and in 1955 started ghost writing for film and theatre.  Throughout his career, he composed music for artists such as Paul Anka, Mina, Milva, Zucchero, and Andrea Bocelli.

From 1960 to 1975, Morricone gained international fame for composing music for Westerns and—with an estimated 10 million copies sold—Once Upon a Time in the West is one of the best-selling scores worldwide. 

From 1966 to 1980, he was a main member of Il Gruppo, one of the first experimental composers’ collectives, and in 1969 he co-founded Forum Music Village, a prestigious recording studio. From the 1970s, Morricone excelled in Hollywood, composing for prolific American directors such as Don Siegel, Mike Nichols, Brian De Palma, Barry Levinson, Oliver Stone, Warren Beatty, John Carpenter, and Quentin Tarantino.

In 1977, he composed the official theme for the 1978 FIFA World Cup. He continued to compose music for European productions, such as Marco Polo, La piovra, Nostromo, Fateless, Karol, and En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait. Morricone’s music has been reused in television series, including The Simpsons and The Sopranos, and in many films, including Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. He also scored seven Westerns for Sergio Corbucci, Duccio Tessari’s Ringo duology and Sergio Sollima’s The Big Gundown and Face to Face. Morricone worked extensively for other film genres with directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Mauro Bolognini, Giuliano Montaldo, Roland Joffé, Roman Polanski, Henri Verneuil, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, and Pier Paolo Pasolini. His acclaimed soundtrack for The Mission (1986), was certified gold in the United States.

The album Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone stayed for 105 weeks on the Billboard Top Classical Albums.

Morricone’s best-known compositions include “The Ecstasy of Gold”, “Se Telefonando”, “Man with a Harmonica”, “Here’s to You”, the UK No. 2 single “Chi Mai”, “Gabriel’s Oboe”, and “E Più Ti Penso”. In 1971, he received a “Targa d’Oro” for worldwide sales of 22 million, and by 2016 Morricone had sold more than 70 million records worldwide. 

In 2007, he received the Academy Honorary Award “for his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music”. He was nominated for a further six Oscars, and in 2016, received his only competitive Academy Award for his score to Quentin Tarantino’s film The Hateful Eight, at the time becoming the oldest person ever to win a competitive Oscar. 

His other achievements include three Grammy Awards, three Golden Globes, six BAFTAs, ten David di Donatello, eleven Nastro d’Argento, two European Film Awards, the Golden Lion Honorary Award, and the Polar Music Prize in2010. Morricone influenced many artists from film scoring to other styles and genres, including Hans Zimmer, Danger Mouse, Dire Straits, Muse, Metallica, Fields of the Nephilim, and Radiohead.

On 6 July 2020, Morricone died at the Università Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, aged 91, as a result of injuries sustained to his femur during a fall.

GetWisdom Webinar: How to Make the Most of Nutritional Supplements 10Apr2022

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GetWisdom Webinar: How to Make the Most of Nutritional Supplements 10Apr2022

Napoleon Bonaparte Channeled by Karl Mollison 03Apr2022

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Napoleon Bonaparte Channeled by Karl Mollison 03Apr2022


Napoleon Bonaparte 15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821 was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars.

He was the de facto leader of the French Republic as First Consul from 1799 to 1804. As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814 and again in 1815. Napoleon dominated European and global affairs for a decade while leading France against a series of coalitions in the Napoleonic Wars.

He won most of these wars and battles, building a large empire that ruled over continental Europe before its collapse in 1815.

He was one of the greatest military commanders in history, and his wars and campaigns are studied in military schools worldwide. Napoleon’s political and cultural legacy has endured, and he has been one of the most celebrated and controversial leaders in world history.

Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica not long after its annexation by the Kingdom of France.  He supported the French Revolution in 1789 while serving in the French army, and tried to spread its ideals to his native Corsica. He rose rapidly in the Army after he saved the governing French Directory by firing on royalist insurgents. In 1796, he began a military campaign against the Austrians and their Italian allies, scoring decisive victories and becoming a national hero. Two years later, he led a military expedition to Egypt that served as a springboard to political power.

He engineered a coup in November 1799 and became First Consul of the Republic. Differences with the British meant that the French faced the War of the Third Coalition by 1805. Napoleon shattered this coalition with victories in the Ulm Campaign, and at the Battle of Austerlitz, which led to the dissolving of the Holy Roman Empire.

In 1806, the Fourth Coalition took up arms against him because Prussia became worried about growing French influence on the continent. Napoleon knocked out Prussia at the battles of Jena and Auerstedt, marched the Grande Armée into Eastern Europe, annihilating the Russians in June 1807 at Friedland, and forcing the defeated nations of the Fourth Coalition to accept the Treaties of Tilsit.

Two years later, the Austrians challenged the French again during the War of the Fifth Coalition, but Napoleon solidified his grip over Europe after triumphing at the Battle of Wagram.

Hoping to extend the Continental System, his embargo against Britain, Napoleon invaded the Iberian Peninsula and declared his brother Joseph King of Spain in 1808. The Spanish and the Portuguese revolted in the Peninsular War, culminating in defeat for Napoleon’s marshals.

Napoleon launched an invasion of Russia in the summer of 1812.

The resulting campaign witnessed the catastrophic retreat of Napoleon’s Grande Armée. In 1813, Prussia and Austria joined Russian forces in a Sixth Coalition against France. A chaotic military campaign resulted in a large coalition army defeating Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813.

The coalition invaded France and captured Paris, forcing Napoleon to abdicate in April 1814. He was exiled to the island of Elba, between Corsica and Italy. In France, the Bourbons were restored to power.

However, Napoleon escaped Elba in February 1815 and took control of France.  The Allies responded by forming a Seventh Coalition, which defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815.

The British exiled him to the remote island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic, where he died in 1821 at the age of 51. Napoleon had an extensive impact on the modern world, bringing liberal reforms to the many countries he conquered, especially the Low Countries, Switzerland, and parts of modern Italy and Germany. He implemented liberal policies in France and Western Europe.

Pierre Lafitte Channeled by Karl Mollison 27Mar2022

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Pierre Lafitte Channeled by Karl Mollison 27Mar2022

This background photo may or may not be Pierre Lafitte.

Upon his arrest by the FBI in the early 60’s the CIA ordered all photographs of him removed and scrubbed. Allegedly they were successful except this one photograph of Jack Martin which was one of many, many of his false names he used throughout his nefarious dealings which started in Europe before the 2nd World War.

It is alleged that Pierre Lafitte was the logistical coordinator, or the CIA Lancelot project manager, working closely with Tracy Barnes, James Angleton and Allen Dulles, and on the scene in Dallas for the assassination of President Kennedy.

From A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, Jr.:

“There is also overlooked issue that Martin may not have been who he claimed to be. In 1963 and beyond, Jean Pierre Lafitte, an asset and sometimes contractor for the CIA and FBI since 1952, often frequented and worked in New Orleans. Using the aliases ’Jean Martin,’ ’Jack Martin,’ a ’John Martin.’ Additionally, Lafitte had mysterious dealings with Guy banister and Clay Shaw…. Not to complicate matters, but it should be noted that Jack S. Martin had in early 1957 spent time in the psychiatric ward at New Orleans’ Charity Hospital, where some patients from the East Louisiana State Hospital were transferred after that have been used as subjects in LSD and other experiments.”

Judyth Baker’s book and her own claims backed up in the newer version of her book Lee Harvey Oswald and Me corroborates Albarreli’s recent book A Coup in Dallas where Pierre Lafitte’s datebook services as the evidentiary centerpiece.

The idea here is that this piece of the puzzle, which is not definitive, further demonstrates how the saga of the Kennedy assassination turned the world in a decidedly dark direction especially with the complicit and controlled media that turned journalistic ’truth seeking” into the joke of the century.

Light Beings, which is what we are, including the one known as Pierre Lafitte, have a different and loftier view of this tragedy and is overshadowed in every case, by the current predicament of the Human Family.

William White Crow Channeled by Karl Mollison 20Mar2022

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William White Crow Channeled by Karl Mollison 20Mar2022


William White Crow was a U.S. Army and also CIA Security Agent on the Mars Jump Room Project.  He revealed that he taught time traveler-Mars Jump Room Courier Basiago karate and aikido during Basiago’s 5th grade year to prepare him for training for time travel in Project Pegasus.  White Crow and Basiago met again a decade later on Mars. On the Red Planet, where White Crow and Basiago were involved in a live fire incident in which they protected themselves and a third Mars jumper, William Stillings, from an attack by dive-bombing pterodactyl-like predators.

White Crow was a Shaman and seer of future events including the 911 event, collapse of the St. Louis bridge, Mt. Saint Helen eruption and Fukushima.  He was in several secret limited access programs. 

In a major disclosure as a time travel and Mars whistle blower, U.S. Army veteran William White Crow came forward as a witness last night on Truth Frequency Radio with Chris and Sheree Geo and revealed that not only did he teach Andy karate and aikido during his fifth grade year as part of his training for time travel in Project Pegasus but the two met up a decade later on Mars, where they were involved in a live fire incident in which he and Andy protected themselves and a third Mars jumper, William Stillings, from an attack by dive-bombing pterodactyl-like predators.

White Crow predicted two futures for mankind and both of them depend on the decisions we make now. “We have the ability to choose whether we are going to become a part of the sixth great extinction which is taking place right now, or advance to a higher level of humanity as a species spiritually, intellectually and technologically. It’s all up to us.” William White Crow

He wrote: “I became a Shaman because I wanted to see further into the future of things and help others reach their highest goals in life. I wanted to know the things that I felt deep inside were true. And over time I found that these feelings would become the guiding light of my life in all areas. I can, at a moments notice, simply phase out this world at will and interact with the world of spirit or energy, which to me is the same thing. They are not disconnected from one another.”

From Denny

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with William near his home in Redding after an introduction from Mark McCandlish. He struck me as someone with more experiences than he could share in a video interview and that for me to get to know him better I would need to take him up on a sweat lodge invitation.  He was in the process of getting one build on his property at the time of our interview in November of 2016.

Perhaps on the other side? White Crow has something to share with us now from the other side.

M A P  SSP Abductee  Channeled by Karl Mollison

MAP Abductee Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison

Pt 1

Pt 2