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Whether it’s a terrorist attack or the latest economic crash, the world around us is saturated with “news.” Most of us think that this news is always authentic, always right. But what if we told you that much of this “news” is just rumor and myth?

What if we told you that what you’re seeing as real is just a shadow on the wall?

Fake News

The era of social media is an era of fake news. Misinformation and hearsay, libel and slander—our world is full of it. In fact, the fake news epidemic is so great that some independent sources are even fact-checking mainstream media.

But fake news is not limited to realpolitik and international relations. You’ll also find misinformation in books and beliefs, ideas and ideologies, schools and seminaries, media and monasteries.

You Aren’t Alone

Humans have a thing for being alone; they like to think that it’s only them in the vast expanse of the universe. While this romanticism sounds nice, the truth is that we’re not alone in this universe. Even NASA scientists agree.

The universe is vast and ever-expanding. In fact, according to Sir Roger Penrose—this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics—the universe as we know it didn’t just come from nothing. It came, according to him and Hawking radiation, from another universe that previously existed, and that’s the energy that blackholes are leaking.

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So there’s life out there—higher beings, more intelligent and more belligerent. And what do higher beings do when they find others around them?

They Manipulate

The extraterrestrial agenda, which is a matter vastly covered by the Get Wisdom Project, is real—but it’s subtle. Evidence of its existence is all around us. There are events that we can’t make sense of. Episodes are caught on camera that we don’t understand. People say and do things that don’t seem like them.

Moreover, everywhere you look, you see people engaged in quarrels and squabbles. Wars, in-fighting, brutality: are humans really responsible for all of this discord—or is someone else out there, pulling the strings?

Doesn’t Feel Right

One of the surest ways to tell if you’ve been manipulated by someone else—either by another human or some nefarious force controlling a human is by soul searching. Dive deep into yourself and ask yourself if what you’re doing is right—if it’s a good thing.

There’s a voice inside of all of us. It’s connected with the larger repository of voices in the world. And it will answer. If it doesn’t, you can take further action.

Seeking Divine Wisdom

How do you see through the manipulative fabric of this world on your own? You’ll require help and wisdom, of course—but what if it comes from the highest resource possible? What if the help comes from the Creator?

If you feel that you need divine help to sort through the confusions in your life, reach out to the Creator and ask your own question. You can also go through the existing database on Get Wisdom and see if you can find answers.

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