Webinar: Bullying and its Lifelong Legacy of Suffering 09Dec2018

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What we’ll cover in this event …

Bullying – What are the TRUE Causes?
Bullying is truly insidious, because it is the “intentional” infliction of suffering on another human being. There is nothing “accidental” about bullying. Karl and Denny will share Creator’s detailed breakdown of the true causes of bullying behavior in both children and adults. Why does it start so early in life? Why are some so inclined to act this way?

Why are Some People Lightning Rods for Bullies?
Some people attract bullies like honey attracts bears. Karl and Denny share Creator’s detailed revelations on why this is so. Is it simply a question of genetics? Parental mistreatment or neglect? Wholly learned? Or is it something even deeper and more ingrained as the above is often offered as explanations for both the bully and the victim? How does one explain the frequent occurrence of bullies and victims in the same family?

How Can The Lightworker Healing Protocol Help?
Most people would agree that whatever accounts for bullies and victims remains largely a mystery. However, that is decidedly NOT the case for those familiar with the GetWisdom project. Karl and Denny will share how The Lightworker Healing Protocol can make the difference in healing BOTH bullies and their victims.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about bullying and its lifelong legacy of suffering …