President Trump signed a defense bill worth $738 billion in 2019 to launch a new Space Force. To the world’s utter surprise, this was the latest military service created since the Air Force was formed in 1947.

Being the sixth branch of the US Armed Services, it was hailed as the biggest breakthrough of science as a novel force for combat in the “newest war-fighting domain”: Space.

This was a defining moment for the nation as it took national defense to another level and promised military superiority for the nation. This was the biggest leap of the year but one that wasn’t all too new.

Secrets from the 80s

America has hidden some secrets at the Pentagon that have recently become part of common discourse. The Space Force is one of them.

A year after Sputnik was launched, NASA was established. This was a notable military decision that strategized what the military minds had in mind for developing defensive and offensive arms in orbit. But it was also a cue that something else was in the making as well, and it was the Space Force!

Remember President Kennedy’s popular statement about Americans landing on the moon in the 1960s? That wasn’t just optimism; it was very much rooted in the reality that was just announced last year.

With communism spreading throughout the nation and the Soviet Union taking the lead in the space race, America was desperate to save its national pride, political standing, and military supremacy.

Apollo 11 and Space Conquest

The day it was reported that Apollo 11 landed on the moon marked a rare accomplishment for America and was a major blow to the Soviets. The Americans had secured high ground in this spatial conquest. Landing on the moon was considered to be as much an interstellar adventure as it was a reorientation of the superpowers’ economic and political ranks.

However, the real space race is yet to be won. And it’s safe to say that there are other contenders for the crown in the game. With China working on maneuverable orbital platforms, it’s clear that the future wars won’t be dull.

But there’s one common opponent that all these countries are missing out on: the extraterrestrials.

The Super Power in Space

As we strive to secure our army camps in Space, we forget that there’s an enemy, native to that land, with an army greater than Sauron’s forces and the army of the dead combined. Don’t discredit these fictional references for being completely fictitious. They’re an important reference point for us to understand what we’re up against next.

There’s no way either of the human armies can survive the combat if they’re met with a force they’ve never seen or heard. The nefarious aliens are an evil that’s yet to reveal itself. But if you’re introspective and observant, you’ll notice signs of their presence in every evil.

Remember, Space might be new territory for you, but for them, it’s their home ground. That offers them military leverage. Not to mention, the elements of nature are in their favor more than yours. But there’s only one power greater than all else: the Creator!

Worried You Might Fail? Divine Intervention is the Answer!

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