Heaven, Paradise, Summerlands, Nirvana, Kingdom of God, Valhalla, Jannah—its names are many, but the idea is more or less the same, and is found in almost all major religions.


The promise of heaven has turned many a heart, but the mystery has never been truly revealed to us: what is this place that is promised to “good” people?

What We Can Conjecture

Even if we put aside what we have learned via channelings with the Creator, there’s a lot to deduce. In almost all major religions, heaven is a place that’s “higher” up in the sky. The idea of God—or Gods—is also often thought to refer to a being on a higher plane. A higher plane is the first association with divinity. When you leave for heaven, you’re supposed to “ascend.” There is, therefore, some sort of transcendentalism involved.

It is often cosmological and supernatural. Angels and other-worldly beings dwell in this place, and it is usually described as a very pleasant place to live in.

Further accounts vary: for some religions, such as Buddhism, heaven is a plane of existence and karma is a major player, responsible for balancing out energies and completing cycles. In Abrahamic religions, it is a physical place where righteous souls can make their way after living a good life. In Indian religions, it is akin to release from worldly sufferings.

The one common denominator among all religions is this: that it is a place where you no longer experience hardships or sorrow.

Imagining a Higher Astral Plane

Astral planes are a near paradox: they are both near us and far from us, both belonging to this world and placed beyond the universe.

The heavenly realm, too, is something like this. The literature and descriptions of heaven are so vast that people are often confused about what it really is. Is it a thought, like Milton implied in Paradise Lost—the mind is its own place, and makes heaven of hell, and hell of heaven?

Astral Plane

Or is it a place where you get crowns of glory and everlasting life, like John Bunyan portrayed in The Pilgrim’s Progress? In Virgil’s epic, heaven isn’t even a separate place—it’s called Elysium, and is only the nicest part of the underworld. But in Dante’s epic, heaven is reached when he ascends and beholds the entire planetary mechanism—the literal universe.

So is it a physical place? And if so, then where is it located?

Heaven is more of a multiverse in its own standing: it exists on multiple planes, many-dimensioned and of many layers. It is a bit of an enigma in this way.

Why Do So Many People Desire Heaven?

People desire heaven because no place is more desirable. Imagine a release from your worldly infirmities and evils, duties and burdens, sorrows and regrets—that’s heaven.

When you’re on the same astral plane as the Creator, you exist within the same dimension and are awash with divine love—everlasting, unceasing, enormous—there is no better feeling in the world.

Not only is there divine love and eternal joy there, but also a deep understanding of things you might never have fully understood before.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy.

Help a Loved One Reach Heaven

We wish we could say Heaven is a place on Earth.

It’s natural and understandable that you’d want your dearly departed ones to reach that level of comfort and endless divine joy. Because there isn’t just one astral plane out there: lower astral planes—limbo and purgatory, underworld and hell and Tophet—call it what you will—also exist. Many souls get trapped in these planes and can not make it out without external, divine help.

Where do you think the idea of ghosts and restless spirits comes from? It’s the spirits of people who could never make it to heaven.

Luckily for you, there’s a way you can find out and be sure. You can help your loved ones reach heaven with the help of a spiritual channeler, so get in touch with us for more details.

Here are two recent channelings about heaven you could link to within our website. The link to the Dictionary source of the Shakespeare quote seems underwhelming. The link to the song “Heaven is a place on Earth” is a YouTube video that is currently unavailable. Maybe that doesn’t matter for SEO purposes, but certainly won’t reward a reader who clicks on them. Both channelings below have been added to our database of channelings:

If I could be in “full empathy” with Creator for just five minutes, what would I likely experience?

You would experience boundless joy, the overwhelming cascade of love emanating from us. You get this only in small measure because of your attenuation in the state of disconnection experienced by humans in physical form. The experiencing of divine love is bliss beyond description. This is why the higher astral realm is considered “heaven.” It is living with the Almighty directly with no separation. There can be a merging of energies and a very, very full and deep understanding of many things and often the greatest path to learning is sharing Creator’s perspective directly, as with self-acceptance, for example. The direct experiencing of the love Creator has for you will forever change for the better how you accept yourself. These are the joys awaiting you with enlightenment as you will no longer experience the disconnection that has plagued humanity down through the ages. The unity of the human family is a unity with the divine and all can function as a unit with the sharing, in a full sense, of all that is present.

What is the heavenly realm, the higher astral plane: a thought, a physical place somewhere in the universe which is just on a different vibrational scale? Where is it located?

It is a different vibrational plane and it overlays the physical you inhabit. There are multiple dimensions. These are internested and intertwined in actuality, so no one plane is that far from another. It is a kind of loop that has many layers, but the spiraling of the energies allows them to return to the origin in regular cycles of energy flow so one is never very far away from home even though the universe is vast in appearance and multiplied manyfold by the intricacies of dimensionality factored in. It is never very far from here to anywhere. This, in a sense, is a riddle and an enigma. You will come to understand this in time.

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