Channeling is a delicate art because not only is it extremely tough for a human being to deal with the intense focus needed to stay connected to a higher being, the kind of communication and information that is being relayed through them can be hard to digest given its direct message and far reaching implications.

For many people seeking guidance and receiving information from an uncorrupted channeler, it can be difficult to comprehend what the process and experience is like for the channeler. However, if you’ve been considering getting the information obtained from a divine channeling session, here’s what you need to know before you proceed.

Providing Guidance Beyond Communication

Channelers can’t just sit down with you one day and start communicating answers your huge questions about your personal life, death, pains and prior life traumas. Think of uncorrupted channelers as people who have harnessed their ability to allow The Creator to communicate through them.

This means that channelers need to develop skills and work harder to keep their connection to Creator unsullied and without interference.

Sometimes, channelers may also help you put The Creator’s guidance into perspective. Since channelers, as healers primarily in this case work with people day in and out, they do gain some insight into how this works and what is useful on a case by case basis.

Navigating Through Possible Manipulations

When a channeler opens up their mind to a higher being, it’s the channeler’s job to guard against manipulations by dark beings like Annunaki psychics. These time traveling aliens can spread misinformation and the sort of guidance that can corrupt the channeler and thus the individual receiving the information to a cul-de-sac of pointless activity or even a dark agenda.

However, that’s why it’s key to find an expert channeler that is so firmly grounded in divine wisdom and uses Divine protection that manipulation is far less likely. If you do feel awkward digesting information coming from a so-called channeler, you should give it due consideration and be sure not to rely on consensus, since unfortunately over 90% of all channelers as of this writing are being duped and channeling entities that have not identified themselves accurately to their respective channel.

Work Through Emotion, Feeling and Logic

Becoming a channeler can come with a lot of healing that will need to be accomplished before successful and uncorrupted channeling will be done. Patience is key; along with a high belief quotient and confidence in the Divine Realm to come in aid to this pursuit.

However, you need to remember that there’s some level of emotional intelligence you also need to bring to your sessions.

So, if you feel like you’re up to the challenge of responding openly and fully to information from an experienced and uncorrupted channeler, reach out to Karl Mollison today. The website provides channeled divine wisdom as well as divine healing services.

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