Why Are We Afraid Of God?

Many people in the world follow a version of God or a deity of some kind. But faith is intertwined with many other things: for most people, the promise of a reward in the afterlife and the warnings of a life of eternal torment if the path isn’t followed.

Evidence for this is to be found in all scriptures that date back centuries, and seem to conflict increasingly with the enlightened world. Eventually, believers find themselves fearing God instead of loving Him, and thus undoing the very premise of faith. As a result, the good that men do upon this land comes not from an innate desire to do good because God is good—but from a survivalist keenness to avoid persecution in the afterlife.

There is a long history behind this development, and a solution moving toward enlightenment and healing. No causes are ever lost, especially not the divine ones, because God never abandons us.

Why Our Outdated Perception of God is the Problem

Think about descriptions of God and God’s wrath in the scriptures, and you’ll need pages upon pages to write it all down. God’s wrath is described in excruciating detail. Hell and purgatory are painted in as unappealing a light as is possible.

At regular intervals, we come across passages that proclaim exemplary and painful punishments for various misgivings—for disobeying parents, for losing faith, for taking the Lord’s name in vain, for being suspected of sorcery, so on and so forth.

This is a God who revels in the barbaric—there are slaves and concubines and despotic commandments, all fed to us as something sacred. We take them at face value, and eventually our subconscious view of God becomes that of a twisted despot, who demands absolute subservience at all times.

In truth, though, God couldn’t be more different.

Fighting Misinformation


One has to bear in mind that these scriptures date back to violent centuries, when humanity was struggling to keep going in the face of evil opposition. The conflicting concepts and notions explored within are man-made and conferred to us via the pulpit that preaches stricter versions of religion.

The link that has been missing from our lives is that of divine connection. We begin dwelling so much on hearsay and third-party explanations that we forget to connect with the one entity that matters, the one being that can heal all our worries: the Divine Himself. We tend to forget that there’s great wisdom in what He does, and that this divine wisdom in its majestic missions is never in opposition to the happiness of mankind. God isn’t unforgiving. God isn’t unloving. And God isn’t unsympathetic.

If your mind has been poisoned similarly by notions of wrath and displeasure, condemnations and accursed afterlives, you need someone to channel divine wisdom and bring you the gift of enlightenment.

It’s time that you reopen your mind and the gateway to your heart through spiritual healing. And remember, there’s great power in prayer. We might not always be praying, but God is always listening.

Allow divine light to flow through you today.

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