Death is the most natural thing that happens to all of us after life. Of course, it is something we have always been obsessed with as a race. Humans have tried to escape death all along. Immortality has been a pet child of alchemists and all have tried to find a way around it—but we have come this far with all our advancements and all our tech and we know one thing for sure: you cannot cheat Death.

There’s no way around dying. We can delay it with good health for some time, but the clock is always ticking.

In fact, we begin dying from the moment we’re born. You could say life has no purpose other than death.

Then why are people so aghast when it happens?

Why are People Afraid of Death?

It’s the good old fear of the unknown again. We know we’re going to die, but we don’t know when, or how, or where. We don’t even know why. All our philosophies and sciences and literature hit a rocky road and a dead end when it comes to dying—because for something that happens so often and so commonly, we know so little about it.

a dead bird

So, we bury our loved ones and we look to religious texts for assurance that there’s something beyond, that there’s a bridge, and that they’re in a better place.

But are they?

Passing Over

Of course, there’s a better place, but it isn’t the place that’s the issue here. It’s the passing over. How one transitions from this world to the next is of great concern for a lot of us because that process spells just one thing for all of us: pain.

We have a vague idea of the pain our souls will have to experience when we do pass over. Why, though? And does everybody experience the same amount of pain?

No. As the Creator tells us, passing over is different for everyone. For some people, it’s painless and smooth. For others, it can be excruciatingly painful.

Why Passing Over is Different for Different People

It’s a karmic dilemma, as explained by the Creator’s divine wisdom. People whose lives have been untroubled by and large have a smoother passing over. People who have had to deal with bad health or psychological troubles have a harder time.

Sounds cruel?

At first, yes. That’s because you see only the immediate—you see only the pain caused by the heart attack and not the circumstances that led to the heart attack. You don’t see the karmic cause because that is long-reaching and goes far, far back—perhaps even to a different life in a different world.

There’s a reason some people die in their sleep and others in brutal car crashes.

Worried about Your Passing Over?

Drink from the wellspring of divine wisdom and allay your worries. Ask the Creator what worries you and have your answer sooner rather than later. You can get directly in touch with Get Wisdom for more details on how to ask a question.

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