There’s a memorable scene in Breaking Bad where Walter White discusses the discovery of water on Mars with Jane’s dad. It became a cult classic long before people realized its significance—that is, long before people realized that we would stumble upon that hydrogen and oxygen compound on Mars.

For some years now—thanks to space programs such as Cassini-Huygens, Juno, and the Voyagers—scientists and space-watchers have known that there is water in space. We knew that one of Saturn’s moons (Europa) had water, and we knew that Neptune had water.

And where there’s water. . .

There’s Life

But of course there’s life, even without water (and yes, life can exist without water, it just isn’t life forms that we can relate to).  We, the seekers of hidden truth and disciples of divine wisdom, have been saying it for years: such a gargantuan universe cannot exist without life in multiple layers, on multiple levels.

Well, the non-classifieds did get there eventually—because we have recently witnessed a surge in the cases of water discovery in space bodies.


an astronaut on Mars

In late September 2020, new lakes were discovered on Mars—previously undetected because these are underground lakes. Evidence that water flowed on Mars had been flowing in since 2015, and was eventually confirmed in 2018. The discovery made in 2020 just expands the possibilities of life on Mars: it has more water than we thought.

It’s often been believed that the Martian surface was once rich in water, but that it disappeared over the years. Since Mars is at a distance from Earth (it takes seven months to get to Mars from Earth), we couldn’t of course detect much at first.

But now that we have, we know that there’s more the to the red planet than scarlet sand. In fact, recent discoveries have also been made about life on Venus. 2020 has been quite the year for space discovery—and for hidden truths.

The Moon

Right in our own backyard—who’d have thought? For billions of years since the Earth came into being and developed water bodies, the moon has been tugging and pulling our oceans all the way from space. But we never imagined—not even after Apollo—that the moon could have water on its own.

A very recent discovery has proven that the moon-has-no-water theory was. . . dry. Pun intended.

October 26, 2020—that is the date NASA officially confirmed to the world that there is evidence of water on the moon. This is the first time that a space observatory has made such a claim or confirmation. The Clavius Crater is one of the moon’s largest craters that is visible from Earth—and that’s where NASA found water. We now have confirmation that the moon—at least its sunlit side—has water.

And where there’s water. . . there’s life.

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