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In 44 B.C.E., a woman named Calpurnia had a terrible feeling in her gut. She felt it over and over again. She had terrible dreams about the death of her husband. Her husband—like most husbands—dismissed her desperate pleas, and went off anyway. And he met his death, just like Calpurnia had foreseen and forefelt. If only Julius Caesar had listened to his wife…

Calpurnia isn’t the only one who has ever felt such a foreboding feeling. We’ve all felt it at one time or the other. But how does one determine which one’s a gut feeling and which one isn’t?

Gut Feelings

Technically speaking, the only gut feeling that ought to be called a gut feeling is hunger. We, however, mean something completely different when we say we have a “gut feeling about something.” As a matter of fact, gut feeling is a pretty good name for the term, as the lining of your gut is enveloped entirely by sensitive nerve endings.

These feelings first arose in ancient humans—the stone age variety. In those days, our ancestors could “sense” danger before seeing it—thanks to the gut feeling. The nerves inside the human gut tap into all kinds of sensory information they’re receiving: fear, anxiety, apprehension. It tells you something isn’t right.

The Physical Onset of Intuition

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Luckily for us humans, gut feelings and intuition are always accompanied by a physical response. That makes it easier to discern them. After all, the nerves inside your gut are reacting to a stressful trigger. A knot in the gut, feeling tightness in the chest or abdominal region are usually good indicators of a gut feeling that is genuine.

When people say they feel like they were “sinking,” they aren’t actually lying—because it does feel that way.

False Intuition

The American Psychological Association opines that intuition can often misfire. At other times, you mistake a particular feeling for intuition, such as:

  • Desire
  • Anxiety
  • Hope
  • Fear infatuation
  • Insecurity
  • Confirmation bias

But that isn’t all. Sometimes, you feel like you have a gut feeling, and you’re inclined to believe it and act in a certain manner—but this time, the gut feeling is without its accompanying physical symptoms.

That’s your first and biggest red flag right there: no physical symptoms. No tightness in the chest, no sinking feeling, no abdominal knots—just a suspicious voice in your head telling you this is a gut feeling, and that you should listen to it.

If your gut feeling isn’t coming from the gut, it’s definitely not gut feeling.

Is it Manipulation?

If a voice has suddenly emerged in your head and is telling you to do things, you might want to get that voice checked. It definitely isn’t a gut feeling. There are forces out there, in the vast darkness of interstellar space, that can tap easily into the human mind. And once they’re in, it’s like they’re transmitting coded commands over radio. You’re the receiver—but you shouldn’t be receptive.

This is the time to take the red pill.

See a Spiritual Healer and Channelers

Karl Mollison is a spiritual healer and a channeler who can help you find out more about your feelings. You can ask him or join the forum to discuss how you’re feeling.

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