If you’ve been struggling to navigate the ebbs and flows of capitalism, you’re not alone. The capitalist state often triggers a sense of discontentment in even the most level-headed and sanguine individuals.

However, it’s important to note that disparaging capitalism is not the solution. By doing so, we’re seeking a better system, which doesn’t exist.

Those who wish to overturn the established order and substitute socialism for a capitalist focus are oblivious to the menacing pitfalls of this transition. In actuality, socialism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it takes away the liberty of people and surrenders it to the state.

This doesn’t mean that capitalism is untarnished. While it has its fair share of defects, it doesn’t make the process of seeking enlightenment impossible.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the capitalist system, and the dangers of an alternative system like socialism. Continue reading.

1.Would It Be Easier to Seek Enlightenment in a Socialist Society?

According to Creator, “Institutions are only as good as those who run them. When all governments are controlled by interlopers, the seductiveness of power means that those who hold the reins will engage in abuses that may grow to become not only harsh, but even reach the level of being genocidal in their consequences. When all people are corrupted, you can be sure that any institution will be faulty.”

People talk blithely about “unbridled capitalism” as though it needs a bridal, a series of restrictions and limitations, and perhaps punishments. This is certainly an apt description considering how many people wish to overthrow the established order, and have done so in many countries by seizing private property, and especially industry, so it is run by the state and all proceeds go to the central government, mostly to line the pockets of the powerful.

The entire system backfires when the government falls short of supplying everyone’s needs after all. “This is because when a government system creates too broad a safety net, people are disempowered. They no longer wish to work if the government provides the benefits they most need. There is no way to tax earnings to keep the government going. The government cannot even support the functioning of industries, which results in the entire system collapsing at some point,” Creator continued.

In essence, seeking enlightenment in a system that disempowers and demotivates people can become more challenging than anticipated. Unfortunately, any alternative to capitalism will increase the number and height of the hurdles that are placed in front of us.

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2.What is the Answer to Capitalism?

The answer to capitalism is not socialism or some other construct, but a kind of hybrid, where human liberty is assured, as is the case through the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There are some checks and balances in place. It’s important to note that people will still struggle, as they are today, because of impairments and overwhelming liabilities. There must be a collective effort to provide for such individuals through social programs.

However, having the entire economy run by the government is simply not a safe and sustainable solution. When all the money flows through the government, the system is bound to fail, as history has shown us time and again.

The idea of socialism sounds appealing on paper. However, when you dig deeper to understand the agenda that is followed to put it into operation, the destruction and unbridgeable divisions that will inevitably follow become evident.

According to Creator, “The warring factions will become permanently entrenched, which will make society unworkable. The system will cause more harm and wrongdoing, and the problem will grow until the government powers become threatened. People will fall back on killing to maintain order and preserve the reigning power structure. There will be no way to address grievances and right the wrongs, because that will be seen as a threat to the established order and will be crushed. There is no way back from such a system once it is implemented, other than through war and death. This, too, has been borne out again and again in the real world.”

There are ways to keep a balance, and it is the best one can do in a world of corruption where people cannot be relied on to be egalitarian and put humanitarian considerations first and foremost. Any other way to run things, by removing incentives and a reward to the individual for their hard work, creativity, and initiative, will fall apart because it is non-divine and perpetuates a state of imbalance humans will not be able to tolerate.

“The capitalist system can achieve a balanced system of self-reward while seeing to the needs of others along the way. There can be workers who are taxed to serve the needs of all through a government taxation system, if this is done on a reasonable scale so people can earn a living and the people at the top are not too greatly exploiting the workers.

That can be ameliorated through social pressures and democratic reforms, short of abolishing the entire economic system of freedom by surrendering to totalitarianism, which, in the end, serves no one. Even the most powerful elites who line their pockets will have a terrible karmic consequence to pay from their greed and insensitivity to the suffering of others,” Creator concluded.

3. How Can I Get Started?

Seeking enlightenment in a capitalist society is challenging, but not impossible. If you’re looking to heal your wounds and traumas, schedule a Lightworker Healing Protocol session.

You can also explore our wisdom webinars, podcasts, and channeling interviews to get started. For a closer look at Creator’s take on capitalism, explore our DWQA page on “capitalism.”

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