DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyOne of the biggest worries with laissez-faire capitalism is the almost inevitable development of monopolies. What is Creator’s perspective on this hazard of capitalism?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

In one perspective this is very true and demonstrably so but there needs to be a point of comparison. There is nothing more monopolistic than a government-run enterprise or industry or society where the government holds the reins of power, dictates the rules, and enforces them under penalty of law often at the point of a gun. The so-called evils of capitalism, that it can create great riches, are a lesser evil in comparison to uniform poverty for the masses where their hard work, sacrifice, and suffering serves an elite class that takes the rewards for themselves. A capitalist monopoly may grow rich at the expense of the public but there is a remedy that is readily available to society in the law and that has been used time and again to break up monopolies, to once again foster competition to reduce prices that become a stranglehold and an unfair advantage for monopolies providing essential goods and services that are indispensable. There is a natural tension always in such cases but the problem of monopolies is a solvable one without throwing out the idea of capitalism as a solution. Once a government becomes a monopoly holding all the power and making up its own rules, society will have no recourse, there will be no one to appeal to for relief, so it is a more absolute stranglehold by far.