Hasta la vista, baby.

That might be the most iconic line to come out of the Terminator franchise, but it isn’t the most burning question the movie posed. Yes, we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as an unfeeling, intelligent, and super-powerful killing machine—but we also got left with questions of an existential nature.

The Human Clones in the Terminator Franchise

While it’s just a movie, it’s interesting to see how fleshed out the human clones in the Terminator franchise are—down to the remarkable physical resemblance to humans: human voice, actions, movements et al. However, they are different in the sense that their emotions and emotional responses are not the same as a human’s. While they certainly look humanoid, they don’t feel human.

The Terminator in the first movie (a T-800) is depicted as an unstoppable killing machine. It makes a ton of rational and logical decisions, but these decisions are driven by an ultimate purpose: the destruction of humans.

Will Human Clones Have a Purpose?

One of the reasons human clones are such an effective tool to use against humans is because they are least vulnerable to suspicion. They look like us, talk like us, walk like us. Few people can recognize the nefarious agenda behind the façade.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, a human clone

In the Terminator franchise, the T-800 has only one purpose: the destruction of mankind. In order to achieve this goal, these androids aren’t just going around killing people. They don’t do it out in the open.

Instead, they plan ahead and execute in perfect privacy. The movie also puts forward the hypothesis that these clones can make judgments about humans—such as in the second movie—but can still not act against their underlying motivations.

Can Clones Like the Ones in the Terminator Exist?

We know that human clones exist. Whether or not they follow the same principles as the ones in the Terminator franchise is another story. For instance, we can perhaps expect bioengineers to make something like the T-800 in the future, but it isn’t like the things don’t already exist.

Beings that look like humans, talk and walk like us, and who infiltrate our ranks to spew their poison definitely exist.

Human-Like Versions of Aliens

One of the mistakes we make when thinking about human clones is the idea that they must be robotic. We think of androids—such as the ones depicted in West World and Blade Runner. While we busy ourselves with these ideas, a different species of human-like beings already exists among us: humanoid aliens.

Interestingly, these humanoid aliens are pretty similar to the ones depicted in the Terminator franchise: they are robotic on an internal architectural level. The fact that they resemble humans comes from the fact that they use human DNA for their biological makeup.

How to Know if You Meet Such a Human-Like Alien

Unbeknownst to you, you might have already met such a being in your life. You might not tell instantly if they are humans or not, but if you’re paying attention, there are clues.

Look at this scene from the Terminator: Judgement Day. It’s a hilarious scene, but it also tells you a lot about the behavior of humanoid androids. The boy (a human) tries to teach the Terminator to smile. Try as he might, the Terminator cannot. The reason? They have human intelligence and understanding, but they lack human empathy and feeling.

As is in the movie, these human-like alien clones have only one agenda: to sow the seeds of discord among humans and wreak havoc.

Find Out More about Human Clones

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