angels traveling across different realms

People have been contemplating the nature, form, and existence of angels for centuries. Do they live among us? Or do they move among different realms? Moreover, what is their purpose? Let’s dive deeper.

1. The Role of Angels

Angels are assistants only. They are an interface between Creator and other aspects of the universe, including all of its beings: angelic, physical, or those in higher dimensions. All beings have creative ability, but this does not extend to the creation of life forms of a complicated sort. That is the essence of Creator’s energy and consciousness, and is not bestowed to portions that act independently, like us.

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2. Do Angels Walk Around as Human Beings?

Yes, angels often incarnate to live a life as a physical human being. However, this happens approximately once every 1000 times. While it’s not as common as people may think, it’s still a pretty large number. In fact, there are presently approximately 328,000 angels walking around as human beings in the US.

The reason for this is the dire circumstances humanity is facing. Considering the huge karmic backlog faced by the average person, it is harder than ever for the divine realm to have an impact on things and enlist people to serve the light.

Many become sidelined and never participate in a meaningful way to improve things while they are here. This is an enormous wasted opportunity.

3. How Does an Angelic Being Appear?

An angelic being can appear in visual form, or may appear in a photo taken. The latter is more likely because humans are not well-equipped to see the energy of these high-vibrational beings. It is more likely they will see a lower-level spirit than an angel. But there are special circumstances when they can be allowed to appear visually.

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