DWQA QuestionsCategory: AngelsWhat are common misconceptions people have about angels?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There are many common misconceptions about angels. There are some that are too silly to mention. Others have more serious implications. There are many schools of thought distorting awareness of the divine, to cast aspersions on even the angelics who support you faithfully. All such notions that angels are not to be trusted are based on the awareness of evil in the world. In one sense this is true if you consider the fallen angelics. We no longer do, because they have lost their standing and are no longer supported by the divine realm. In that regard, they are little different than a human earthbound spirit who has lost its way and has relatively little power. The fallen angelics have the benefit of their past history and knowledge, but it does them relatively little good.

Other misconceptions are the issue of wanting to reach out to the angelics for each and every little problem in life and have divine assistance through the angel to take care of things. This undercuts their own role as being the reigning sovereign in their world. Humans literally are in charge of their lives and their destiny, both. We support from behind the scenes and we step in at times to give assistance, but there must be a serious request that has a serious purpose that will result in something highest and best for the person, and not their disempowerment by handing over their own free will choices to a would-be divine guide to decide things for them. This is not in keeping with the role of divine human, to expand possibility and extend the reach of divine consciousness in many new directions and in many new ways. We are relying on human creativity to make this happen. If you turn around at the first outing and give the job back to us, you will be subverting your very reason for being.

This is not to say it is unwise or inappropriate to reach out for help, when you feel the need too great for you to manage. This is, of course, highly subjective so we encourage all to cultivate their inner resources, their strengths, and build new skills so they have the wherewithal to make decisions on their own for the most part. This preserves the balance intended for the human enterprise, where humans are in the lead and do the bulk of the work. This will be in keeping with them earning the bulk of the rewards.

The other major misconception is when the pendulum swings the other way, and people feel in awe of angelic power and feel unworthy of angelic help, and assume that only Creator can command the angels to act on their behalf or someone else the person sees is suffering. In making this assumption, they surrender their own power to do anything. This is a grave error because they are giving up their humanity, their personal power as granted by the divine to conduct their life, and it is a wasted opportunity for growth and adding more love in the world. Angels are always at the ready to step in and spread love when requested to do so. This is the power humans hold but often do not realize it.

This is one of the blessings gained from doing regular prayer work, because it cultivates inner belief and helps people become accustomed to reaching out to the divine without hesitation, as a matter of course. And that experience of doing it in a routine way will make their prayers especially effective during times of difficulty or crisis, because doing what they need to do to reach out will be quite natural. We encourage all to cultivate a relationship with the divine realm on all levels through prayer work. We do not require worship, per se, but you can certainly reach out to the angelics with thoughts of love and gratitude for their being in service to the world. And that will put you on the divine wavelength and help you establish an inner peace in feeling you have rights to be among the divine figures and have standing, and a relationship, one of acceptance, and this will help you many, many, times during your life.