A woman sits on her bed meditating and channeling subconsciously

Creative blockages and standstills are part and parcel of your practice. Nobody, not even the most genius, incredibly talented, and capable artists, can consistently stay productive and continue producing work after work.

Everybody’s well runs dry at some point, and creative blockages are necessary to overcome when you’re a practitioner. One of the best ways to improve your practice and let go of what holds you back is through subconscious channeling.

Here’s why:

It allows you to overcome inner blocks

Artists need to relax before they’re able to create, and subconscious channeling helps reduce anxiety and restore inner calm and peace . It removes negativity to help you step away from your work, gain perspective, and clear your mind. Being at ease and managing your stress is a major part of letting go of your reservations.

You connect with Divine resources through it

All great art, literature, music, poetry, and other creative avenues are directly sourced from the Divine. Only when creators are close to the Creator do they have the ability to weave magic and create masterpieces and works that stand out. Make it your goal to invite and connect with divine energies.

A woman sits at her desk stressed out and anxious while struggling with a creative blockage.

Prayer for guidance always helps artists

Other than trying to bring in divine resources, praying for guidance is another essential practice for creatives. Using prayer to connect with Creator, asking for help and guidance, may be what it takes to make you great. The more appreciative and grateful you are, and the more you use prayer to seek guidance, the more you will be supported and the happier you’ll be.

Subconscious channeling helps with karmic issues

Another additional benefit of subconscious channeling, especially with professionals like us, is that you have the opportunity to restore and resolve many karmic issues. Imbalances, problems, and trauma that you’re holding onto may be addressed via this process.

Make the most out of your subconscious mind and unlock the true depths of your creative freedom and abilities, which are best received from Divine sources.

Get Wisdom is here to help you uncover your best self through exploring your deep subconscious. You can also work through our Lightworker Healing Protocol to help you be rid of your trauma and heartache and unlock your creative energy. Get in touch with us to know more about our services and help you with Divine channeling.

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