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A client writes: “Please let me inform you about the most concerning spirit activity I witnessed today. When I arrived to work this morning, I found the laptop I use was taped shut and there were visibly deep scratch marks atop the computer as well as the charger had been removed. After unraveling the tape, the computer appeared to have malfunctioned. Luckily, I did manage to restart it without tech support. Behind me sits a chair made of stretchy canvas-like fabric with webbing on the seat. A flashlight that is always strategically placed inside of a wall folder was now placed inside of one of the decorative holes in the chair. Moreover, when I opened my Composition Book to prepare for the 3 students I see after lunch, profane language had been entered/written on 2 of the pages inside of the book. In addition, I continuously see dark faces in the clouds staring back at me, some actually smiling, others quite angry. I do know this, the Black Spirit, that follows me wherever I go and may now be attached to my body, has committed many vicious acts against me, especially when I am at home and at night. Last night, many doses of negative energy flooded my body from 4 PM until well after 9 PM and then again at 5:30 this morning, so much so, I almost lost my balance and I became quite ill.” What is behind the manipulations of her office space, and any other of these phenomena you can help us understand?
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