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Tyler Henry wrote in his latest book just released last week: “In 2016 I lived in an apartment with my then-boyfriend and parents. One Sunday morning, the printer malfunctioned and I asked my mom to help me undo the jam. She obliged, and we worked on fixing it in my bedroom floor for about fifteen minutes. I was becoming increasingly frustrated, but then, out of nowhere, it happened. Suddenly the printer I was staring at intensely lit up as if someone was shining a flashlight directly on it. From behind me, a light source was illuminating the room within seconds. A bizarre buzzing noise radiated through the entire room and made my hair stand on edge. My mom and I looked at each other, and then turned around to see the source of light. Only about six feet away near the ceiling was a moving light source, bright blue in color. It measured about three feet wide and three feet long, and I’ve never seen anything like it. We were stunned. We both watched as this light source near the ceiling began to gradually change. The bright, sky-blue light that electrified the room began appearing to collapse on itself, and as this happened it was encircled in a yellow light that floated like a mist, golden embers of light fell to the ground onto the carpet below. It lasted no more than a few moments; we watched as this light seemed to collapse under its own weight. When I saw the golden embers begin falling to the ground, I leapt underneath it and tried to grab any residue that fell on the floor. My efforts were in vain. As I grasped at the light with my mom beside me, my then-boyfriend walked into the room and his jaw dropped. All three of us were witnessing the single most bizarre experience any one of us had ever witnessed, and probably ever will. After only a few seconds, the light collapsed entirely and disappeared, the static noise no longer more than a fleeting buzz. None of us could make any sense of the experience.” What was this Tyler Henry and his mother and then-boyfriend witnessed, the strange light? Was it of extraterrestrial or divine origin?
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