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A practitioner asks: “Lately I have lost interest and I haven’t done any LHP or DSMR for a few weeks. In all my LHPs I always include my family and people that I know have some health issues. One of these people is my brother-in-law. I always ask the Creator to look after him and send him His Divine healing, as he had heart problems and cancer. Even up to two weeks ago when the doctors told him the chemo did not work, and sent him home to be with his family, I was hoping for a miracle. He was a great man, who had done so much good to a lot of people and left behind his wife, my sister, who worked so hard to keep him healthy, and four children. This was a bit of a catalyst in myself losing interest. I am 71 years old now, and I do want to contribute as much as I can to a successful human free will project before my time comes, and worry about my bad habits, general problems and health issues. I am hard on myself for my bad habits, but then I see all the Evil in the world, all these people dying for no reason, and I see that my problems are minuscule compared to all of the Evil, all the pedophilia, all the murderers and sadistic world leaders. I say to myself why does there have to be so much evil, greediness, apathy, people dying because of not enough food, and so on, and I get overwhelmed. I really sincerely want to bring Divine love to all creatures, but sometimes I just get disheartened. The last straw was my brother-in-law dying last week. Our members at GetWisdom all helped with LHPs, but unfortunately, he died. I have prayed for a Spirit Rescue, and hopefully would like to know/feel if he finally had a safe journey and happy reunion with Creator in the Light. Why are good people dying and scumbags are still thriving? I am so confused. I am still praying to the Creator, but part of me is somehow lost in all of this. I have children and grandchildren and I do worry for these beautiful souls, because they are good kids. I just need some directions because at the moment, I don’t know which way to turn. I need spiritual uplifting, and I hope the Creator will show me the way.” What can we tell him?
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