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A practitioner writes: “As I moved forward with a Lightworker Healing Protocol session, visuals of individuals I do not know flashed before me very fast. Faces and random locations, flashing by. One face stuck with me long enough to remember some specifics: a young boy, dark skin, straight dark hair, skinny – somewhere in South Asia maybe? I honestly don’t know. Then, on with more faces and locations – flash, flash, flash. Then, I saw something that surprised me, in between the flashes. My visual/energetic excursion stopped at two separate emotionally charged incidents that I experienced as a child. During an LHP session, this is not the first time I’ve been directed to look at an incident that needs healing – it happened one time before. I had a small list of people I was requesting healing for. When I said a particular person’s name as I focused on her issue, I was gently stopped and inspired or directed to look at a chain of energetic incidents she had experienced that ultimately led me to hear the following: “Request her higher self’s permission to allow this healing to take place.” So I did. And then I waited. I got the “green light” but only to a degree. More permissions were needed from many people in a long family lineage to proceed with further healing, so I stopped there. I didn’t have the time. I did feel a “freeing up” of her energy – nothing amazing – just more fluid. I moved forward with the rest of the LHP. This did not feel like a negative intrusion; it felt helpful; more like divine guidance but maybe it’s wasn’t. What was really happening?”
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She further asks: “My request is this: Can we insert a specific request at the end of section 10 for Source Creator to intercept the brainwashing mind-control messages being bombarded to all humans through all media, screened devices, advertising, chemtrails, and all other methods, and neutralize the negative intentions of the messages rendering them useless and transmute all such broadcasts into messages encouraging and inspiring love and kindness through practicing the Golden Rule for the purpose of immediately, gently, completely, and permanently freeing the masses of humanity from the grips of disempowering control and have them awaken to their true potential for their highest and best good and for the highest and best good of all humanity? And further, for any and all energetic traces and signatures of this embedded empowering message of Love and awakening to be 100% cloaked so that it is completely undetectable, by any means, by the entities doing the broadcasting or by any other entities or beings that are not in the Light, all while having the message’s effects of returning to Love and Light, applied to all such entities? And have the broadcasted messages of Love applied retroactively throughout all parallel past, present, and future lives and their future extensions on all dimensions and planes, in all galaxies and universes? My request is partially inspired by the idea in self defense practices of using your opponent’s own size and strength against them. It would effectively permit us to harness the ongoing broadcasting capabilities of the dark forces and use them for the good of humanity. Like having a Trojan Horse for the Light.” Is this appropriate to add to the Protocol?
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