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A practitioner writes: “I was doing my Lightworker Healing Protocol work a couple days ago and a thought came to me that I think may be inspired. To set the stage for this: In the Constantine channeling, Constantine said that his Reptilian replacement was influenced to take up Christianity because of a dream and a vision that he had prior to a certain battle. The question about the dream and vision before the battle was asked by Denny. Constantine said this was divine intervention to bring this about and although the Reptilian took up Christianity cynically to use it for undivine purposes, nevertheless, divine realm used this to keep the teachings by Jesus of a loving Creator and the power of divine love alive and strong even ‘til today. I, and a few LHP practitioner friends have been adding a prayer to our requests we refer to as the “Dreamworks Prayer” that is very specific but not too specific (in the same manner as the LHP) in requesting divine realm to create dreams and visions for all humans and perpetrators to aid in the success of the divine human project. I pray this prayer right before my LHP and have been for months now. We have wondered whether dreams or visions could have an impact on the extraterrestrials and possibly even fallen angels, so it caught my attention when Constantine related this story about his Reptilian replacement. And we have also been learning about retrocausal healing and the looping back of time. So when I did my LHP a couple days ago I got the thought and strong feeling that our requests for these dreams and visions may actually have been part of the human requests needed for the divine intervention bringing this dream and vision to Constantine that was recorded in history. It seems so amazing, but could you ask Creator if this is true? Perhaps Denny’s question was even arranged by divine realm. I think we might all be encouraged if we knew the answer.”
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