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A viewer asks: “This same dynamic of belonging would seem to apply to a lot of entitlement beliefs fostered by other human relationships. For example, two people agree to a business partnership to be shared “50/50.” The rational expectation is that both will be 50% responsible for making the business successful. But the reality is often that one partner will do the lion’s share, and even worse, have to actually compensate for the lack of action or even deleterious actions on the part of the other partner. Succeeding in SPITE of the other partner in fact. Yet, that deadweight partner by mere dint of the original agreement and being part of the enterprise in their head, will feel entitled to HALF, in spite of the fact they contributed nothing or next to nothing to the success of the operation, and may even be a detriment to it. We see this same dynamic often when a parent dies. A friend of mine was forced to liquidate the family sign business even though he ran it with his father for decades, was promised it in fact, but because there was a flaw in the will, the sister got half when he died, and immediately ordered its liquidation. She knew the business was promised to her brother but felt entitled to it nevertheless. Can Creator comment? Where does this unearned-yet-expected entitlement notion, which seems to be a major foundation of the evil mind, have its origin, and how is it best overcome?”
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Can she heal the karmic consequences of this harmful act?
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Is my friend who passed yesterday, safely in the light?
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