DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19Can Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are genuine tools for those who felt they came here for a reason, to HELP in these times, and to turn things around, in spite of falling victim to some degree of hardship and difficulty?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago
This is truly a key question. Most people have some awareness they are here for a reason, that there is a higher purpose for their existence, but are unsure what that might be and many feel unfulfilled in part because most lives are filled with routine and often a degree of drudgery and sameness and lack the challenge and excitement and variety of free exploration to follow one’s own instincts and leanings—that is a luxury when one must work for a living in today’s world. But there are serious problems and serious difficulties dead ahead. The better prepared you are to weather the storm, the more successful will be the outcome. When humanity is at risk of not surviving from the onslaught of the darkness, you can see there is a compelling reason for an awakening among people who sense there is something important they should be doing even if they are unsure what that even means or where to find it. We can tell you that there is one answer to all the questions that are raised of this kind and it comes back to the basic reason for human existence in the first place. You were created to solve the problem of evil. The evil you find in your world is your challenge. You need divine help to meet the challenge, but meet it you must or you will perish—it is that simple. The very existence of humanity is uncertain because there are those with a design on your world who have no use for humanity and are seeking to squeeze you out by unleashing many kinds of negativity to attack you from every direction including the biowarfare being waged against you with COVID‑19. It is an extraterrestrial creation designed to thin the herd of humans and cause a financial collapse in the bargain. This is as good example as any of why you need divine assistance. The use of science to find a vaccine or better treatments may provide only partial answers. That is typically the case, but it is only one of countless problems that have developed over time and that continue to rear up again and again. The best tools for forming a divine partnership to turn this all around are having enough people mount prayers for assistance that are constructed powerfully, with clarity and the proper intention to get meaningful results. This will take a large quorum of like-minded individuals to be effective. The most powerful way to aid humanity is, in addition to prayer, to learn and use the Lightworker Healing Protocol because that incorporates many kinds of leverage to greatly amplify the power and individual reach of the practitioner many, manyfold, and that is what we truly believe will make the difference in saving humanity. You can be a part of this simply by deciding to look into it and then make a commitment to learn the procedure and make your desires known, and at the same time help everyone who needs it, especially the interlopers who threaten you. The quickest and surest way to protect yourself is to heal those attacking you. The problem then will truly go away and you will gain a whole new future in the bargain. This is within everyone’s reach.