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She asks further: “Now, the doctors are trying to come up with explanations for the behavioral stuff, much of which has been going on quite a long time but has worsened recently (which could also be caused by the high dose Keppra he’s on but is now tapering off of without any sign of epilepsy), and they DO see some signs of ‘microvascular changes’ on his brain MRI so they’re wondering if this is normal aging or a dementia process. He’s been having serious memory lapses for many years and also some out-of-nowhere paranoia, agitation, and rage, for a really long time, at least 6.5 years that I can identify, and I’m often the target of that rage. One example, in 2016, we were flying home from a trip, and he was sitting several rows behind my daughter and me. When we got home, he wouldn’t even speak to me, because he was *convinced* I was going to have an affair with the (very inebriated) guy I’d been sitting next to on the plane. He seethed at me for the next 36 hours, and even woke me up in the middle of the next night to scream at me about said affair. This, or incidents like this, have only happened maybe 12-15 times in the last 6.5 years, but they’re scary, and very (emotionally) destructive, and NOT reflective of the heart that I know him to have. These episodes have increased recently, and a couple of weeks ago, prior to hospitalization, he stalked me and was unable to be de escalated for nearly 8 hours, even with our mutual friend who’s an LCSW, present. That night, I was physically scared of my 6’3″ partner. These things make it seem like it COULD be a potential dementia process, and if so, we would really like you to work on them and also, the potential betrayal trauma that seems to be terrifying and enraging him. I talked to him about this last night, and he would like to hear the channeling.” Are these episodes a consequence of dementia?
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