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A practitioner asks: “Although I asked Creator to provide enhancements of skills and reasoning capacities to my deep subconscious’s functioning, to help it learn better how to get healing. I also asked the divine realm to coach my deep subconscious on how it could ask for those enhancements on its own. Actually, in doing that prayer, I was very heartfelt and impassioned about getting relief for the anxiety that was immobilizing me from doing some very important tasks. I supposed that my deep subconscious was causing this anxiety, and so I really wanted to find a way to get some help for it, so it could redirect its efforts away from trying to get my attention, to seeking help and healing from the divine realm. So in my prayer, which was fairly long and spoken free-form, I asked for a number of things, and one of them was something like this: I asked Creator to give a message to my deep subconscious, first to tell it that I love it very much; that when it tries to get my attention by causing anxiety, this is only making our problems worse; that instead, to please ask our higher self to allow more gifts and skills to be brought into it from our larger soul, to help it learn how to get more help with the problems it sees; and that this would make everything better for both of us. I also asked Creator and my higher self to give ongoing attention to my deep subconscious, to work very diligently toward teaching it and coaching it on how to ask for these skills and gifts from our larger soul, and also to continue guiding it on how it could ask for healing for any problems that might come up to bother it. Within about a day after that prayer, I had a major shift in my entire experience of my body. The serious anxiety was gone, and it hasn’t come back since then. So perhaps my higher self actually stepped in and began acting as an ongoing coach to my deep subconscious, in which case perhaps my higher self began serving as the actual source of the skills and gifts I asked to be brought into my deep subconscious from my larger soul. If so, that divine solution would be in line with a Creator channeling that is quoted in the first entry under a topic on the GetWisdom LHP Forum entitled, “Repair of Deep Subconscious Karmic Issues.” Also, I’m wondering whether the very intense amount of passion and time I used in making my prayer request had something to do with why I received such a remarkable benefit.” Can you help us understand what happened?
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