DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsSteven Covey said: “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
This is not only a sign of the times but a sign for the ages, that trust is a bedrock quality and a necessity for people to experience in order for things to flow, for things to happen, plans to be made, arranged to be carried out, and followed through. All along the way, where people need to depend on one another, there is an element of trust involved in the interchange. This is inevitable, especially so because you are in the earth plane, a land of torment, a land of great negativity, and a land of high-level corruption at all levels of your culture. This may seem shocking to some. Everyone understands there is wrongdoing, that there are, in fact, criminals amongst you, but to make a sweeping indictment of the very fabric of existence on the planet seems a bit much for almost every listener. That is only because you are human and used to your environment, which you take for granted. Yours is a world of discord, disharmony, and distrust as a commonplace. The one begets the other down a long list of travails that accompany the human dilemma. This is because people are flawed, none are perfect, so there will always be room for error, misjudgment, and potential differences of opinion that may not be negotiated but simply acted upon when one feels they have the power and control of a situation. All of these differences can be points of friction, leading to squabbles and worse, especially if there is eventually a falling out and harm comes to someone. Even a small slight can sting and remain a bone of contention, indefinitely. People vary in how easily they forgive and forget on their own. Many require an act of atonement of some kind before trust can be restored and once again bestowed on a prior offender or perceived offender. It gets complicated because there is not a universal standard that applies to every situation. You are in a hotbed of competing feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions that have a rationale and motivation behind them, but things can never be orchestrated perfectly, with perfect coordination, because there is not time nor is it usually necessary to be so punctilious about every little detail. So things will function well until a problem happens. Once a problem arises, that is when hindsight comes into play, finger-pointing may begin, accusations may be launched, and then suspicions are born about the true motives of a perceived wrongdoer, whether it is simply an oversight or something more sinister, and so on. In a world of criminals, the honest broker will often still be met with suspicion simply because it is the order of the day. The fact you are having this discussion reflects the reality we are describing for you, that trust is far from being a given, bestowed freely on any and all because all are trustworthy, all are reliable, all are in divine alignment, and all are willing to accept you at face value and do their utmost to give of themselves to see that things work out. That is in an ideal world, the world of the light being, but does not exist in the physical plane you inhabit. There are many reasons why this is so. It is a land of imperfections, incompleteness, and uncertainty that creates tension and points of difference that become points of friction all too readily. There is a heavy level of corruption from the rise of evil that has been going on since before the Earth was created. Much negativity has been brought to you from other worlds as well as a large cohort of corrupted fallen angelic beings in spirit form who can manipulate the living to cause trouble, break rules, and encourage selfish behavior, all of which will be a breach of trust when observed by others. So, trust is much like a traffic signal, it is there to provide a potential limit, a pause in functioning to allow a reassessment, or a reworking of things to provide additional checks and balances perhaps, or even to discontinue something with the intent to find different partners before resuming course, and so on. It is the level of darkness in your midst that elevates trust to represent a premium quality, not only highly regarded but a working, practical necessity as a touchstone for guiding everything because the level of trust involved that is appropriate will need to be established and often verified.