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Get LHP Webinar: LHP Update Announcement and Q&A 26Sept2020

About The Webinar

Announcing Protocol Enhancement 2020-5
There is yet another protocol enhancement! Creator has emphasized repeatedly that it is OUR job to ask the right questions in order to bring forward the most enlightening information. This is a journey, and adventure, and a mission that we are pursuing together. Karl & Denny will explain the important new enhancements in detail.

Lightworker Healing Protocol Q&A​​​​​​​
As usual, we will have many interesting perspectives about the Protocol learned from Creator and our work with clients, and will answer practitioner questions.

Share Your Questions and Chat with fellow Practitioners! 
In the chat you can share your questions and success stories.

LHP News
Karl and Denny will share any and all news regarding the Lightworker Healing Protocol.

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