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About The Webinar

What are current geopolitical and COVID-19 concerns? 
​​​​​​​We will give a quick update on emerging issues and opportunities from Creator’s perspective about the current pandemic and world affairs.

How serious is the threat to our meat supply? 
​​​​​​​There are many pressures on the human food supply, the latest being a shutdown of many meat processing plants. We will discuss what Creator says about the causes and the true reasons why.

Is our preoccupation with grains as a food source misguided?
We turn to divine wisdom on what we have taken for granted as a necessary cornerstone of the human diet, and will discuss the downside of the technologies necessary to keep this focus.

Are there hidden reasons making farming so challenging? 
​​​​​​​Developed nations with ready availability of food have become very complacent. With Creator’s help, we explore the many negative influences working against successfully growing crops and bringing them to market. We recount the reasons why there are so many scourges threatening our food supply, from the weather to the Asian murder hornet, including the extraordinarily high suicide rate among farmers and ranchers.

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