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GetWisdom.com Webinar: Current Healing Challenges 09Aug2020

About The Webinar

Are we out of the woods with the viral pandemic?
Creator explains the surge in new cases of COVID-19 in a number of states, from California to Florida. We also asked about some of the financial alternatives to the US dollar in view of the lockdown and its impact on the US economy.

Are there agents available with protective effects for preventing or healing COVID-19?
Creator discusses the benefits being observed by the medical community with vitamin D supplementation, and emerging data from drug treatment approaches.

Will ET manipulations influence the presidential election?
We will share examples of how mind control can confound thoughts and actions that are designed to undermine public opinion and confidence in political figures.

What more can we learn from case study examples and client questions about healing?
Through Creator’s feedback, we will catch you up on some of the wide array of issues we deal with using the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Can alien Greys simply be removed? Is there help for children’s deep-seated fears? What can get in the way of divine healing for things like stroke? Are there hidden causes of opioid addiction? What are some unusual examples of dark spirit manipulation of people?

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