This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Finding & Improving Love Relationships 14Feb2021

About The Webinar

Is love just chemistry or is it karma?
​​​​​​​Creator explains that karma is the greatest power and influence on all human activity there is, so love relationships are greatly influenced by all that has come before, for better or worse. This points to the fact that doing some deep karmic repair might be just the ticket to help one’s love life. Along the way, we learn how to mend a broken heart.

Are key relationships pre-planned before incarnation?
Creator discusses the important role of what is seemingly divine matchmaking, but actually agreement among souls to take on many roles during their life in the physical.

What is the optimum age for marriage and raising children?
We discuss these important decisions and their impact on personal happiness and success of love relationships. We also probe issues of adoption and its influence on forming love bonds by both children and parents.

Is finding one’s soulmate realistic or just a dream?
Endless discussion and speculation has been done about finding one’s perfect love partner. Creator explains the odds of finding a suitable mate and the pitfalls in demanding perfection. We also de-mystify the role of twin flames and explain the restrictions of physical existence.