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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Can We Count On Divine Forgiveness No Matter What?
Forgiveness is believed to be a divine attribute, but many doubt their future because God is so often described as judgmental. People wonder how can they forgive if they are not forgiven also? Karl & Denny will share Creator’s perspective on divine forgiveness of people’s mistakes and shortcomings.

Is Forgiving a Self-Sacrifice, or Does the Forgiver Benefit?
Creator provides us with a good understanding of the purpose of forgiveness and its power to help change people and situations for the better. Karl & Denny will discuss why and how forgiveness actually works.

Is it Weakness to Forgive if Nearly Everyone Would Not?
Many people are unwilling to consider forgiving a wrongdoer because they are still harboring righteous anger. Karl & Denny will share the divine perspective on this dilemma and the best way to help people find a path to forgiveness despite their resistance.

When is Forgiveness the Best Answer for a Dilemma?
Karl & Denny will share examples of people whose suffering was healable through an act of forgiving another, and how forgiving can truly help a person without taking anything away.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about is forgiving for the weak or for the wise? …

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