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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Is the Story of Milarepa, Murderer to Buddha, Actually True?
Source Creator confirms this actually happened and shares new insights about the path Milarepa took to overcome the karma from his misdeeds and find his way to spiritual enlightenment.

Was Milarepa’s Difficult Restitution a Human or Divine Plan?
The story of Milarepa’s agreeing to suffer considerable hardship to atone for his misdeeds is hard for many to understand. Creator explains how a divine solution was conceived to allow an act of contrition requiring much sacrifice to rebalance his karmic debt, and go within a single lifetime from the depths of disconnection to the heights of spiritual attainment.

Biblical Story of Job a True Account of Karmic Restitution?
This Biblical story has served as the core message of many sermons about life and how seemingly endless suffering comes about but can be endured through faith in the divine. Creator confirms it is a true story that can serve many as an object lesson, especially with a true understanding of what took place.

What are the Important Lessons from the Story of Job?
Most of life, including especially the reason for suffering, is poorly understood. But this is critical to personal growth and gaining of wisdom that will help humanity achieve enlightenment. Creator shares why the story of Job, as is true of much in the scriptures, is incomplete, and fills in the missing pieces we need to grasp the full meaning of this iconic life story.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about overcoming negative karma the hard way …

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