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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Does Manipulation by the Darkness Hurt Entrepreneurs?
People wanting to go into business must be creative risk-takers. But not all the risks are visible. Karl & Denny will discuss what Creator reveals about how people are influenced by unseen forces that can limit their success.

How Does Negative Karma Influence Career Success?
Not surprisingly, as karma is an ever-present influence on all of life, it also is a driving force in business. Most important are karmic patterns that are created by events in life that play out over time, even multiple lifetimes, and this requires healing.

How Much Does Morality Play Into Success & Failure?
Many people in business take short-cuts or end up taking advantage of others in order to compete. Karl & Denny will discuss what Creator shares about how the choices of an individual to take a non-divine path, or to work for an organization doing so will influence a person’s future.

How Can People Maintain Spiritual Alignment at Work?
There are many pitfalls in the workplace, like gossiping and backstabbing that can undermine a person, whether as victim or perpetrator. Karl & Denny will discuss what Creator says about how to deal with challenges and what positive steps people can take to advance their career and enhance their spiritual connection.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about overcoming obstacles to business success …

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