This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar:  Unique Advantages of the LHP Protocol 11Aug2019

What we’ll cover in this event …

Can Practitioners Safely Engage the Darkness with the LHP?
Many people are uneasy and fearful about dealing with dark spirits and extraterrestrial influences because they worry about a backlash. Karl & Denny will explain how the Lightworker Healing Protocol uniquely safeguards both clients and practitioners in contrast to other healing modalities.

How Does the LHP Compare to Other Healing Modalities?
Creator has shared with us that an important message that needs to be spread, is that any healing work not actively requesting a divine partnership will have limited benefits. This is true of most “energy healers”. Karl & Denny will also probe the possible risk of attracting and introducting dark spirit possession by energy healers invoking outside energies without divine protection.

What Capabilities Make the LHP Unique & Powerful?
Karl & Denny will highlight some of the key attributes and approaches that make the Lightworker Healing Protocol truly special in its inner workings and able to obtain the deep healing truly needed to affect the destiny of individuals and collective humanity.

Can Anything Jesus Taught His Disciples be Added to LHP?
Karl asked this question of Creator and will share the amazing and encouraging answer!

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about unique advantages of the LHP protocol …

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