This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Unraveling the Mystery of Targeted Individuals 11Oct2020

About The Webinar

Who are the players behind targeting of people? 
​​​​​​​Creator explains the role of the different extraterrestrials carrying out mind control and other manipulations of human individuals, and the reasons it is being done.

How is targeting of individuals to undermine them carried out?
We will discuss the role of nanotechnologies and subliminal programming via electronic media and the Internet, versus direct high-level manipulation and why the latter is especially devastating.

How impactful is high-level targeting of individuals to our culture?
Not only is this widespread, it typically involves purposeful corruption of other people around the targeted individual, especially in their family, school, or workplace to oppose and undermine them as unwitting accomplices. Everyone becomes affected by this corruption, without realizing the true cause and consequences. It can destroy success and happiness, and even prevent successful return to the light after passing.

Is there a link between mental illness and targeting as a causal influence? 
​​​​​​​Creator reveals how people with mental illness can become delusional as a result of high-level targeting to corrupt their inner beliefs, and the karmic pattern of ruined lives being orchestrated over and over as revenge for people simply being lightworkers. Divine healing of the perpetrators is the solution.

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